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Figurative language

Re-read the poem and consider its use of figurative language and its theme. What idea or statement is this poem trying to send to its readers?

Answer each of the questions below about the poem you’ve chosen. Write in complete sentences, and include examples from the poem where necessary. You are encouraged to quote from the poem (be sure to integrate the quotes into your own sentences), and you can also embed an image if you would like to create or find one that you think reflects the poem’s meaning

What use of figurative language stands out the most to you in this poem?

b. What type of figurative language is it?

c. What meaning is conveyed by the figurative language?

d. Why do you think the author use figurative language, rather than stating something literally?

e. How does this use of figurative language relate to or emphasize the theme of the poem?

Sample Solution

Hamlet and Revenge Hamlet and retribution of vengeance have made numerous individuals breakdown. The idea of its utilization drives individuals to act deceitfully through annoyance as opposed to reason. Vengeance is simple sensible feeling; one turn merits another round. In any case, this is a risky hypothesis. Vengeance is the primary topic in Hamlet. Fortinbras, Laertes, and Hamlet are looking for vengeance for their dad's demise. In any case, thusly, every one of the three individuals rely upon feeling as opposed to suspecting and make an extremely large wager. Hamlet and retribution are hopeless organizations attempting vengeance and those looking for retribution (Hamlet) inevitably face demise after the wrongdoing. History of misfortune of retribution Prosser's view on Hamlet's vengeance "Saints are asked to fight back, as most misfortunes of retaliation, casualties or wrongdoings are legitimately identified with the hero" (Prosser) of retribution The impacts of misfortune incorporate Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Andronis. In Shakespeare 's paper by Shakespeare, Shakespeare centers around vengeance and builds up the idea of death in the play. What is the awfulness of the retribution of the Elizabethan time? This is a misfortune, its thought process is vengeance, and its fundamental plot incorporates the procedure of counter. The awfulness of retribution in the long run prompted the passing of the killer and the Avengers himself. In misfortune of vengeance, we need three letters. Shakespeare's "Hamlet" shows the overall components found in the awfulness of the vengeance of the renaissance ("misfortune of retribution"). Be that as it may, despite the fact that Hamlet is a misfortune of retribution, Shakespeare convolutes the fundamental vengeance plot by making three retribution plots. By including significant developments, Shakespeare makes 'Ship of the Concentric Revenge Miwa' (Frye 90) which is certainly not a physical legend yet an apparition, not a phantom, yet a scholarly saint who is an issue. did. viewpoint In Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' retribution, Shakespeare vindicated as the subject of the considerable number of works. Retribution assumes a significant job in the improvement of Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, and the child of Polonius Laertes. Each of the three requested vengeance for their dad's homicide. In Hamlet, vengeance can be deciphered as another character. Everybody looking for vengeance will defeat it. To begin with, after each murder every child has a reasonable activity plan.

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