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Financial Analysis

Prepare a financial analysis of a healthcare firm based on the firm’s most recent annual report.

  1. What is the firm? What does it do? Where does it get its money?
  2. Looking over the most recent two years, are there any surprising changes in assets or liabilities? Do you see a noted rise in certain revenues or expenses? Are profits rising, falling, or staying flat?
  3. Look through the “notes” and see if anything jumps out. One-time expenses? Odd write-offs? Legal settlements? Unexpected costs?
  4. Calculate the major financial ratios and, if possible, compare them to accepted ratios for the industry. (For nonprofits this is very hard)
  5. What percentage of the fund-balance is restricted (for nonprofits)? Why are the funds restricted?
  6. If it is a for-profit firm, did the firm pay dividends? How much?
  7. If the firm raises funds, what is the cost of its fund-raising? That is, what percentage of all funds raised needs to be expended on the fundraising operation?

Note: These are very large groups. You needn’t have everybody in the group speak during the presentation. I will assume that all contributed to the project.

Group 1
Abusharr, Elias, McGulgan, Vrabel, Ali, Garibaldi, Mironidis, Vulapalli

Group 2
Arvind Maheta, Guadalupe, Mostoff, Wessler, Xiao, Aydinoglo, Gulati, Obed

Group 3
Benbrahim, Horwath, Asante, Dominguez, Brenner, Krynicka, Reismann, Golliday

Group 4
Bruno, Kurti, Solomon, Casareno, Liang, Stepniak

Group 5
Chen, Mahoney, Stone, de los Santos, Masud, Thuzar


Group 1 Smile Train

Group 2 Catholic Relief Services

Group 3 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Group 4 Doctors Without Borders (USA)

Group 5 Hackensack Hospital

Sample Solution

The Masque of the Red Death is the ultimate example of how inferior humans try to overcome against their final destiny, and greatest demon: Death itself. The Prince Prospero laughs at Death "while the pestilence raged most furiously abroad…he entertained his thousand friends at a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence." (83). The prince believes that his special group of nobles is exempt from the suffering occurring around them, and can celebrate with ease. Prince Prospero imagines that he is not destined to die like the others, and so fortifies himself with false illusions that depict harmony and pleasure. These illusions, however, are all stripped away when the ebony clock chimes and "…the giddiest grew pale, and the more age and sedate passed their hands over their brows as if in confused reverie or meditation." (85) The people realize that to evade death is the greatest risk one can take, and the clock is reminding them of how futile this gesture is. When the clock's chime fades away, the people forget about their inevitable demise and go back to believing that they are invincible, only to be reminded an hour later when the clock strikes again. After midnight tolls, a ghastly figure appears who had "…out-Heroded Herod, and gone beyond the bounds of even the prince's indefinite decorum." (87). The figure is the messenger of Death himself, coming to destroy the inferior beings that do not fall beneath its supreme power. The prince is the first to die, as he was the one who believed wholeheartedly that he could evade the End. When all of the nobles are vanquished, Death gloats in silence about its triumph over those who believed they could substitute suffering for pleasure, and how it is the only dominant factor in the world. Mankind has tried to conquer its hidden demons because it is afraid of them. But despite all of the technological advances that have been made, they are still being undermined by emotional demons like jealousy, hatred, and arrogance. The human race fears these demons for they unleash the worst qualities in people, and can not be conquered by the machines that are revered so much. It is naïve of humans to believe that they can ever vanquish the demons that lurk within their souls, but they are intent on driving out any human qualities that would make them imperfect. Yet they do not realize that imperfection is humanity's greatest trait and weakness at the same time, and that these demons exist to make this fact obvious to all. Analysis This sample high school English essay sufficiently argues that when man attempts to combat fate, obsession and death, he is ultimately destroyed. The essay is simply organized, with each paragraph devoted to a short story. The paragraph on the Masque of the Red Death is the essay's strong point, perhaps because Poe's story is the most explicit about what happens when people try to combat one of these "demons."

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