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Financial analysis and valuation concepts

The objective of the assignment is to integrate your knowledge of financial analysis and valuation concepts, and your ability to access relevant information about a specific industry and company on the internet. You will choose a publicly-traded company (Tesla) in which you have interest as an investor. Pending more specific details and resources, here are some of the questions you might address in your report:

  1. To which industry/sector does this company belong? What are the major issues facing this industry? Is your company a dominant player in the industry?
  2. What are the significant events, trends, and risk factors affecting the firm? Be sure to consider the Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) and sustainability issues demonstrated by this company.
  3. Examine the company’s financial ratios for the two most recent years, using the ratios introduced in Chapter 3, and addressing the company’s liquidity, operating efficiency, debt, and profitability. Are there any significant trends or changes in any of the ratios? To what do you attribute these trends or changes?
  4. Look at the comparative ratios for your company. How do your company’s financials measure up against their main competitors or industry group?
  5. Review your company’s statement of cash flows for the past two years. Compare the cash flow from operating activities to the income from continuing operations. By how much do they differ, and why do they differ?
  6. What is the credit rating on the company’s debt? Does the company pay dividends on its shares and/or return capital to investors through a share repurchase program?
  7. Compare your company’s required return based on the Security Market Line with the expected return based on the analysts’ mean target price and expected dividends. Do you expect the company to deliver value for an investor over the next year? Longer-term?

Sample Solution

levant IT software can relieve pressure save time and increase accuracy however the scope of the role would be far greater. 3.3 Analyse key factors & trends impacting on a school: See Appendix 2: Political: Brexit is causing a lot of uncertainty with our European students and teachers; Brexit could cause a significant reduction in students from across Europe and reduce the diversity in schools also increase in staffing problems due to the lack of teachers from European countries filling in posts, teachers who bring new cultures and approaches to our schools and community. With so much turmoil in the government school policies like the national funding formula has been pushed back. Economic: The rise in the minimum wage enables families to have more disposal income, therefore working extra hours or a second job may not be necessary which enables parents to devote more time to their children’s schooling and activities. Social: Schools are adopting specific behaviours to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, implementing community centered strategies for parent involvement, monitoring of progress and providing individual learning support; schools have systems in place for early identification and intervention. Pupil premium awarded to raise attainment and also different strategies are used to engage with the disadvantaged families to increase parental engagement and improve academic performance. Technological: Smart apps and devices are fast and furious, schools are confronted with challenging issues from online risks such as violation of privacy or fraud, schools are expected to educate children by raising awareness about these risks and how to avoid them, however budget restrictions is causing to be a barrier on latest ICT equipment and software. 3.4 Explain how a range of analytical tools can be used to investigate & address key management issues within a school: Using analytical tools widens the approach of thinking, enabling SBMs to solve a problem, be predictive and be implementable. I believe the aim of using analytical tools is to sharpen the focus of the analysis and to ensure methodical, balanced approach, e.g. SWOT- helps to focus on internal and external factors, which SBMs can use to identify issues as well as barriers and solutions, useful to spot danger and improve weakness. PESTLE tool can be used to analyse various external factors, which impact schools.

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