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Financial performance and health of the business a competitor business.

Select a listed company, preferably from the London Stock Exchange. Assume that you are an analyst who works on behalf of existing investors.

Prepare an analysis report, where you will do the following:

Use the ratios covered in this unit, to evaluate the financial performance and health of the business in the following areas:

Financial Gearing

Compare the financial performance and health of the business a competitor business.

In each area, make clear recommendations as to how the company’s performance/health can be improved. If no improvement is needed, highlight what are the benefits to investors by the good performance of the business in each of the areas (a, 1-4)

Proposed structure of the report (the word count per section is indicative): 

Title page
Executive summary (125 words max)
Introduction (100 words max)
Business and competitor brief profile (175 words)
Analysis (725 words)
-Financial Gearing
Conclusions (125 words) 
Technical aspects

You need to perform time-series (at least 3 years; preferably 5 years) and comparative analysis (between your chosen company and its competitor)

For each area, produce and present the ratios for both businesses – your selected business and its competitor, in the same table/graph. You need to show your workings (e.g. formula and figures used).

Sample Solution

has consequences; a thorough examination of the cause of war is required along with the willingness to negotiate rival party (Begby et al (2006b), Page 312& 318). This is supported by the actions of Hitler are deemed unjustly. Also, in today’s world, wars are no longer fought only by states but also non-state actors like Al-Queda and ISIS, showing Vittola’s normative claim on authority is outdated. This is further supported by Frowe’s claim that the leader needs to represent the people’s interests, under legitimate authority, which links on to the fourth condition: Public declaration of war. Agreed with many, there must be an official announcement on a declaration of war (Frowe (2011), Page 59-60&63). Finally, the most controversial condition is that wars should have a reasonable chance of success. As Vittola reiterated, the aim of war is to establish peace and security; securing the public good. If this can’t be achieved, Frowe argues it would be better to surrender to the enemy. This can be justified because the costs of war would have been bigger (Frowe (2011), Page 56-7). Consequently, jus ad bellum comprises several conditions but most importantly: just cause and proportionality. This gives people a guide whether it’s lawful to enter a war or not. However, this is only one part of the theory of the just war. Nevertheless, it can be seen above that jus ad bellum can be debated throughout, showing that there is no definitive theory of a just war, as it is normatively theorised. Jus in bello The second section begins deciphering jus in bello or what actions can we classify as permissible in just wars (Begby et al (2006b), Page 323). First, it is never just to intentionally kill innocent people in wars, supported by Vittola’s first proposition. This is widely accepted as ‘all people have a right not to be killed’ and if a soldier does, they have violated that right and lost their right. This is further supported by “non-combatant immunity” (Frowe (2011),

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