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Firm faces an S-shaped sales response function

  1. Assume a firm faces an S-shaped sales response function. What happens to the ratio of incremental sales
    revenue to incremental marketing effort at the (a) bottom, (b) middle, and (c) top of this curve?…..
  2. Assume General Mills has to decide how to invest millions of dollars to try to expand its dessert and yogurt
    business. To allocate this money between these two businesses, what information would General Mills like to
  3. The first Domino’s Pizza restaurant was near a college campus. What implementation problems are (a)
    similar and (b) different for restaurants near a college campus versus a military base?….
  4. A common theme among managers who succeed repeatedly in program implementation is fostering open
    communication. Why is this so important?……
  5. What are quantified goals in the planning phase of the strategic marketing process important for the
    evaluation phase?….
  6. What happens to the ration of incremental sales revenue to incremental marketing effort when the sales
    response function is an upward-sloping straight line?…..
    Building Your Marketing Plan
    Do the following activities to complete your marketing plan:
  7. Develop a simple organizational chart for your organization…
  8. Develop a Gantt chart (See Chapter 2) to schedule the key activities required to implement your marketing
  9. In terms of the evaluation, list (a) the four or five critical factors (such as revenues, number of customers,
    variable costs) and (b) how frequently (monthly, quarterly) you will monitor them to determine if special actions
    are needed to exploit opportunities or correct deviations…..
  10. Finalize your marketing plan based on the outline presented in Appendix A..

Sample Solution

“Most plagiarists, like the drone, have neither taste to select, industry to acquire, nor skill to improve, but impudently pilfer the honey ready prepared, from the hive.” (How 21st century learning is changing Canadian Education, 2019). This new century requires students to wage a war against problems threatening humanity and to do so a lot of research is required, the education system needs to produce future leaders who can make a difference in the life of others and make this world a better place. To keep this spirit in check the Canadian education system uses advanced plagiarism checking instruments. The aim of this constraint is not to bother students but to improve their knowledge and mental strength, making a unique project all by yourself is a wonderful experience, it allows students to take tours around the city and see for themselves what they could include in their projects. The older days were easy where you could simply copy and paste things from the web, but learn nothing or just mg up certain things about your project and explain the rest of your work; the new system, on the other hand, arises curiosity it opens a world of ideas and thoughts. Moreover, now it’s not just overcoming deadlines but putting in all your effort into a project and also learning in the process. Conclusion: The education system in Canada is headed towards a path of development and growth, a common sentiment of respect and love is seen for all native as well as foreign students. The promotion of cultural exchange has opened gates for leaders to learn world problems and find ideal solutions to tackle those problems. This century has been an age of modernization and a lot is left to come the, audio-video learning technologies has made a huge difference in the productive progression of the students memory and recollecting ability. A lot is about to come; learning through life like interactive holograms will be the next big thing in Canadian education it will allow students to have a certain experience virtually. The 21st century is renaissance all over again, it rekindles new ideas and faith in young minds. This is an era where we stand together as members of one single tribe for the greater good. The innovations and modernization of the Canadian education system uphold the ideas of the next generation and will surely play a crucial role in painting the bigger picture of mankind. References: 1. How 21st Century Learning is Changing Canadian Education. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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