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This further represents Shylock’s human experience during the time as one characterised by having puissant impacts on both himself and those around him, and allows for the exploitation of the paradoxes and inconsistencies within their society, shaping further meaning in indomitable ways. The subversion of one’s attachment to religion is evident within my related text, Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” as religious commitment the Protestant Church took a sharp decline post-war, as did those within the text shifting towards affluence and materialism. The absence of religion among the upper echelons of the society within “The Great Gatsby”, suggests the lack of morality, as the characters are guided by each other to determine their morality as opposed to the moral precepts of religion or of God. The textual form of narration and the representation of the composers own society within the literary world, allows for Fitzgerald to critique his society’s moral dilapidation within the 1920’s, in order to evoke faith in humanity and religion. In Fitzgerald’s jaded America, the only God that can exist takes the form of a billboard, the eyes of “Dr TJ Eckleburg”, in which suggest that capitalism and the desire for wealth rules where religion once did, after the first world war. This further opposes the fact that “sees God everything”, within the text as characters such as the protagonists in the text do not mentioned any form any religious affiliations within the entirety of the text or their human experiences. The symbolism of the eyes of “Dr TJ Eckleburg as a source of wisdom plays as a biblical allusion to God within their literary world, and further portrays their blatant disregard of religion as the characters pay no attention to it, carrying on with their excessive drinking and partying which were prohibited during the time. The notion of dishonesty and deceit further outlines the absence of religion within the text as the characters selfishly manipulate one another in order to receive what they want. Nick Carraway, although he too lacks any religious affiliation, is one of the few characters within the text which withholds any virtue and moral stability throughout his human experience. “Every one su

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