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“Food deserts in poor urban area”

Part 1: Describe what Environmental Justice is and how food desert/food security is an environmental justice issue. Also provide information on the health hazards of food deserts/food insecurity such as diabetes/obesity. (This is the section I want you to focus on more)

Part 2: Specifically talk about lack of healthy supermarkets/food sources and high density of fast food/convenience stores. Perhaps we can focus on a specific region or specific community (for example Native American reservations or another at risk area)

  • Part 3: We can discuss various solutions such as creation of community gardens, farmers markets, financial assistance programs etc. as well as the limitations of these approaches.

Sample Solution

that it passes down generations of species. (US National Library of Medicine, 2019) Fig. 3 Amino acid sequencing. Fig. 4. Chromosomal structure. The genetic code are the set of rules that information in DNA sequences follows in order to be translated into proteins. It defines a mapping between tri-nucleotides sequences called codons and amino acids, because every group of three nucleotides are what specify one amino acid (Science Daily, n.d.) The vast majority of genes are coded with the same code, the “standard genetic code” but there are many variants, so this one is not a universal code. An example of genetic coding that varies from the standard genetic code is the process of protein synthesis that happens in the mitochondria of the cell. The portion of the genome that codes for protein is referred as gene. Thesare short sections of DNA that carry information for particular characteristics like eye colour.Different sets of genes carry information for different physical characteristics. There are many genes in a chromosome. In a cell nucleus, DNA is organised into coiled strands called chromosomes. Human beings have 46 chromosomes in each cell. Half of our chromosomes are inherited from one parent and half from the other. As humans, therefore, we have 23 chromosomes from each parent. This explains why organisms can share characteristics from both parents. (British Broadcasting Company, 2019) Chromosomal structure is made up of duplicate held together by centromeres, which are a point of connection of a protein fibre. This connection is generally located in the middle that separate the long and the short arms, and aid with the process of cell division, making it possible for sister chromatids to attach to each other. This way, alleles will be able to separate in the division process, and can be further on combined with other ones to form a combination of traits. The similarities that are shown between members of the same species are due to common genes that code for the same characteristics or traits. However, every organism is unique and different from each other because alleles get combined and create an exclusive set of genes that will vary the gene expression. Fig. 5 Chromosomes in cell division. As we have previously stated, the genome is not the same in all the biological classifications. The chromosome number often varies in number, shape and content. We are able to study and observe these trends through their karyotype. A karyotype is an image of the chromosomes of a living thing. They are key to knowing the differences in chromosomes in different species, for example, the fact that there are 48 chromosomes in chimpanzees but 24 in tomatoes. In addition to this, It also gives an idea of chromosome classification. It includes how are chromosomes divided

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