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GDP in general and the GDP by economic activity

What happened to the GDP in general and the GDP by economic activity on table 1 or table 4 (table 4 is easier) during the pandemic? Which sector has been affected more during the pandemic and why would you think this sector has been affected more?
One of the most important targets for the Vision 2030 is to switch the production in Saudi Arabia from mostly depending on Oil to diversify its production, would you think we are going into the target of diversifying production through looking at the tables 15 & 16 (table 16 is easier to see because it shows the growth) from 2018 to 2021. You can also look at tables 8 and 10 for annual data.

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forgive me when in truth I am not guilty of anything. How appalling to think that those who love me are sometimes ashamed of me. In short, I seek marriage or some sort of public involvement with a woman so as to shut the mouths of assorted contemptible creatures whose opinions mean nothing to me, but who are in a position to cause distress to those near to me.” Shortly after, in 1877, he married Antonina Milyukova, but the marriage was a sham, and Tchaikovsky himself even told her that he didn’t love her, but they could be friends. Author Richard Norton, who publishes essays on gay historical figures, speculates Tchaikovsky could have been reject by one of his former lovers, causing him to rebound to Miyukova. Interestingly enough, he was writing his opera Eugene Onegin. The Opera is about Tatiana Larin, who meets and falls in love with Eugene Onegin in the beginning First Act but is rejected at the end of the first act. It is assumed that Tchaikovsky identified with Tatianna. In a letter to his brother Modest, Tchaikovsky admits that he forgot about Milyukova while writing his opera, showing how little, he was invested in their relationship. After three months Tchaikovsky tried to kill himself by throwing himself in a river in Moscow. After Failing, he set to write his Violin Concerto in d minor, argueably the best violin concerto ever written. The Concerto is in a Major Key which interesting, since you’d expect the post suicidal work to be depressing, but it seems Tchaikovsky held a sense of appreciation after surviving. The Main melody of the concerto gives the listener a sense of prolonging and hope. Perhaps the most interesting, and most controversial lover he took was Vladimir “Bob” Davidov, who was Tchaikovsky’s nephew. Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, Pathetique, is dedicated to his nephew. The symphony tells of a tragic love story, which one can view almost as a tragic opera. The first movement, switches off between clashing melodies, one depressing and one sweet. This symbolizes the love the Tchaikovsky felt for Bob, mixed with the societal taboos that came with the love. The second movement is a waltz in 5/4 time. Usually a waltz is written in a triple meter, such as ¾, 3/8, or 6/8. This movement is a sweet, beautiful melody obviously symbolizing love, and is written in D major, the relative major of b minor, which is a happier key, allowing Tchaikovsky to use this movement to express the happiness, the content he found in his relationship with Bob. The third movement is roller coaster of emotions. The tempo, Allegro molto vivace, which literally translated means, Cheerful, very lively, is very swift, and it’s real meaning, which isn’t very cheerful, is to symbolize the anxiety Tchaikovsky felt over the relationship, and the fear that he would be discovered as a homosexual. The final movement is even more heartbreaking. The Adagio Lamentoso returns to the original b minor key, and literally translates to Slowly Plaintive, which means sounding sad and mournful. This movement was an obvious cry for help. The motif of suspensions found in the melodies and harmonies literally allows you to feel Tchaikovsky’s longing.

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