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Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Class and Family

You are encouraged to take an artistic/expressive approach and use a variety of mediums: music, visuals (collage, photography), etc. For example, share with us two of your favorite songs, poems, images (copy and paste lyrics, verse, pictures, paintings) and write 1 page of commentary about how they express an important perspective upon social problems.
The goal of this exercise is to facilitate your internal connections between “what is” (as observed via sociology) and your perceptions of “what could be” or “what should be.” If this class seems only to exacerbate this disjuncture, then artistically express your emotional/intellectual frustration. It is important to be as honest as possible on this assignment. Students are to be nonjudgmental about what is presented and it will be graded on a credit/no credit basis based on participation (as opposed to evaluation of the content). Please keep the presentation to ten minutes maximum.

A. Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Class and Family

This problem focuses on the intersection of race/ethnicity, gender, class, and nationality in the way the United States views multiple births. Explain the relevance of the following quote: “…on a certain November Day an obscure woman in Iowa gives birth to seven babies; we marvel and rejoice. On the same day an obscure woman in Nigeria gives birth to her seventh child in a row; we are distressed and appalled” (Zwingle 1998, 38). Why might reactions to these two events be so different? In order to answer this question, compare newspaper reports of multiple births by reviewing the way in which the characteristics of the parents are closely scrutinized by the public, the medical establishment, and the media, in general, in its reporting of such events.

B. The family — What accounts for its (in)stability?

This problem focuses on the family and the debate surrounding its stability. Some scholars and politicians argue that “stable families are the bedrock of stable communities.” Others argue that “stable communities and economies are the bedrock of stable families.” Which of these two positions would you take and why? Remember to support your position by using the appropriate readings and theoretical approaches, regardless of which position you support.

Sample Solution

uity Based Venture: In this strategy, a company can enter into foreign market by holding equity ownership and control of company through foreign direct investment. These type of ventures are useful in that countries where the risk is low, markets are stable. These can be done for various purposes like to obtain raw materials, to make products for export to home country. Equity based ventures are further divided into wholly owned and joint venture (Phatak, Bhagat & Kashlak 2009). Wholly Owned Subsidiaries: Subsidiaries in which foreign countries has full control and ownership in the host countries are called wholly owned subsidiaries. These are of two types: Greenfield: Greenfield means set up a new entity in foreign company from scratch by using locally available sources. Acquistions: It means to capture the existing business running in the foreign country. Joint Venture: It means to establish a subsidiary in foreign company by two or more companies by sharing resources. It is effective when the amount of capital invested or risk is huge, a single company cannot afford it, markets are unstable and lot of risk is available in the host country. As Indonesia has lots of oil reserves and these requires lots of capital, joint venture is an effective way to enter that market (Meyer, Estrin, Bhaumik & Pen 2009). Section 4: Shell Indonesia: Shell Indonesia is a global company established in 1890 having headquarter in Jakarta. But it started its operation in Indonesia in 1884 when a Dutch Man found oil in Sumatra of Indonesia and started drilling by taking permission from Sultan Langkat. Shell Indonesia deals with oil and gas products. It has currently 79 sites in the Indonesia. Shell operations in Indonesia: Shell plays an important role in lubricant, fuel and bitumen market. To satisfy requirements of mining, cement and electric power generator, it provides lubricant products to marine business. Shell lubricants like shell helix and shell advance are rising considerably in Indonesia. Shell helix is designed for 4 wheeled vehicles and shell advance is for 2 wheeled vehicles. To provide quality products and services, shell Indonesia has opened up many fast flowing pumps. It also promotes very activities for community and peoples working in it. Shell Australia: Shell Australia came into existence in 1901 and Perth has its Headquarters. Shell operations in Australia: It primarily deals with the exploration and production of oil and gas and aviation fuel. Its functions also include sale of liquefied natural gas to the western Australia and liquefied petroleum gas to other markets. Generally, about one thousand flights a day gets fuels from here. Shell’s Organisational design for its subsidiaries: Shell Indonesia’s orga

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