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Gender-specific programming

What role do you think gender-specific programming can play in the criminal justice system and for at-risk people? Here are some examples of programming that target girls, LGBT people, and boys:
PACE Center for Girls:

Larkin Street Stories: Youth Identity (watch video)

Becoming a Man (watch video)

Do you think programs like these are helpful? Tell me specifically why or why not and provide evidence for your thoughts. Can you find any more programs that are gender-specific? Include the link(s) in your assignment.

Sample Solution

rventions to enhance the recovery of the patient. Pre-op nutrition includes an oral liquid carbohydrate loaded beverages up to two hours before surgery.3 Evidence has shown that carbohydrate supplementation of a carbohydrate-rich formula given two hours before surgery has a profound effect on decreasing length of stay in the hospital compared to traditional surgical methods.4 Post-operative interventions for nutrition will be through a liberal oral intake to stimulate insulin release.5 Other components related to nutrition include early mobilization of the patient and an adequate fluid intake to improve healing outcomes. ERAS has also had a renowned effect of saving hospitals money long-term through the ERAS Society protocol measures. A financial analysis found using the budget from a quaternary hospital, the initial implementation cost of ERAS was $552,783. However, this was offset by the first year savings of the hospital from the ERAS program of $948,500, yielding a net savings of $395,717.4 Long term, the implications of ERAS have only a positive impact on facility utilization if ERAS methods are followed correctly and well maintained. Facilities that adhere to only a portion of ERAS protocol and their procedures may see marginal changes in their patient length of stay and cost fluctuations. Traditional Methods More commonly, there are standard procedures for all operations used in the hospital setting. The more widely used practice is similar to that of ERAS with steps taken in pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative, but more focused on the recovery of the patient receiving active treatment via medication pre-op and post-op, and decreasing pre-operative nutritional input through fasting. Patient admission is preferable three days before surgery, however, this is not always possible based on hospital resources available.5 The patient is then risk screened, and should see a dietitian if they are at a nutritional risk, in poor nutritional status, or with a wound upon admission.6 Traditional methods for pre-operative nutrition are an encouragement of overnight fasting. This model was thought to prevent any risk of aspiration while there is an endotracheal tube in the airway for breathing during intubation during surgery.5 There is also a concern that the food in the gastrointestinal tract may also become a risk factor if their bowel is perforated during surgery.5 There is a downside to this as well such as discomfort from thirst, hunger, headaches, and anxiety for the patient as they are unable to eat for an extended period.5 However, latest studies reflect that the intake of clear fluids taken up until two hours before anesthesia does not increase the gastric volumes.3 As many surgical procedures are being altered to be done as minimally invasive and laparoscopically, the overall healing time has increased significantly in both traditional and ERAS surgical procedures.6

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