Genre Evaluation Sheet.

Genre Evaluation Sheet.

Project description
Use topic choice #1 on the attached sheet and answer the questions

if you’d rather use one of the other topic choices thats fine but i think 1 is the easiest

Whenever you select a medium for your message, your decision is based on a host of factors, some of which you may not be completely aware of. The purpose of this exercise is to make the implicit explicit and help you become aware of ways in which various genres are more or less effective in conveying your message to a specific audience. After you evaluate these examples, apply the same sort of thinking to the selection process for your project’s genre/medium.

Example #1 – “An Old Person’s Guide to ‘No Homo’” In this YouTube video, Jay Smooth discusses the expression and makes an argument about when, if ever, it might be appropriate to use it.

Example #2 – “Is Peewee Football Turning Our Little Ones Into Weapons Of Retrograde Masculinity?” In this article from Buzzfeed, the author examines the way(s) in which young boys are being socialized from a very young age by the discourse practices that exist within football.

Example #3 – “5 Uncomfortable Truths Behind the Men’s Rights Movement.” In this Cracked article, the author presents an argument about those who call themselves Men’s Rights Activists.

Example #4 – The “Where Do You Stand?” Campaign. This is a public awareness campaign that takes the form of fliers, postcards, and an assortment of other materials with a message about stopping sexual and relationship violence.

The example I am examining is ___________________________________.

1. What is the argument your example is making?

2. For what audience is this argument intended and how can you tell?

3. Discuss where/how the intended audience would encounter this argument.

4. How easy is it to disseminate the argument in this medium? Name some specific ways it could spread.

5. Name and discuss the example’s mechanism for integrating sources.

6. Discuss the tone and ethos of this example.

7. What does this genre make possible that other genres don’t?

8. What are some inherent limitations to this genre?

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