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Geographies of popular culture

Consider a specific topic related to geographies of popular culture covered in this course and the application of theories and/or geographical concepts to explore a phenomena you select.

The report should consist of 6-7 pages and analyze the representation of groups or issues in popular culture and how land, space, or geography inform its positioning in contemporary culture. Your essay should focus on an example of popular culture that has been addressed in the course (indigenous arts, race, gender, sports, urban protests, music) and a theoretical framework also presented in the course. You should focus on a recent issue, problem, debate on popular culture and representation as it relates to one of our topics (use your social media feed, newspapers, TV, internet searches, it’s pop culture!). Please be sure your essay includes the following elements:

  1. Introduction – Your introduction should clearly state the exact topic you are focusing upon and the theoretical or conceptual framework you plan to address. It should make clear your thesis, or the problem, issue, or puzzle (contradictions in the media) you plan to address. (about 1/2 page)
  2. Summary of Theory – Please take some time to detail the theoretical framework you are going to engage with. You can select to work with more than one, but be sure to explain them in detail. This is your chance to pick your favorite theoretical framework and get to know it deeply. Examples include: Frankfurt School, pop culture as oppositional culture, gender and representation, race and representation, sovereignty and representation in indigenous arts, critical geographies of sport. (about 2 pages)
  3. Summarize the case you are addressing, include a link or the image of the exact contemporary issue in popular culture that you are approaching. In your summary include a discussion of how the matter is being covered (for example, the reception of Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion’s WAP video, or Tiger Woods car crash, or the assault on the US Capitol, ps you can’t use these examples!). Describe the content and how or why it is contentious in popular culture. (about 1.5 or 2 pages)
  4. As has been requested of your previous essays, apply the theory to the case to either demonstrate how the example you selected support the arguments and position of the theoretical perspective you have selected, or use the theoretical framework to explain the contemporary popular culture phenomena you address. (about 2 pages)

Sample Solution

biguous and difficult for a pioneer to comprehend whether they have it or how then, at that point, can acquire it. It turns into the obligation of the association to have arrangements set up to furnish pioneers with some positional power, typically by laying out a reasonable hierarchal design. By laying out a progressive system, the pioneer is seen by the gathering to have the option to set expectations and expect consistence from them giving the pioneer real power (French and Raven, 1959). Also, by furnishing the pioneer with the capacity to compensate consistence and rebuff rebelliousness from the gathering, the pioneer has reward and coercive power (French and Raven, 1959). To acquire total control over the gathering the pioneer should acquire the trust and conviction of the gathering that they are equipped for progress, by guaranteeing the gathering are both fulfilled and meeting execution objectives. The significance of laying out an order became apparent during the arranging phase of the open air administration course for the red group, the facilitators inside the group accepted influential positions however couldn't acquire positional power because of the group being a companion bunch (Pettinger, 2007). The pioneers chose had little power and impact over the gathering as everybody was seen to have similar position, status and occupation, subsequently the pioneers had none of French and Ravens five bases of force (Pettinger, 2007). The outcome was pioneers with no positional control over the gathering, so couldn't immediate the gathering with the strategy for initiative expected for the circumstance. The errand had huge limitations, especially a brief period of time and an enormous gathering size, for this present circumstance Chelladurai suggests a despotic initiative style would be generally great (Chelladurai and Madella, 2006). The pioneers endeavored a despotic administration style, setting individual assignments for the gathering, but because of the unfortunate chief part relations and absence of positional power the initiative construction immediately turned into a majority rules system. The item was a very useless labor force at first due to the time spent examining how was ideal to move toward the errand. In view of how the pioneers were seen by the gathering there was minimal shared trust, regard or certainty that the pioneers were going with the right choices, and accordingly any administration style they attempted to execute would have been ineffective (Pettinger, 2007). Eventually, assuming the pioneers had broke down their situation and the gathering they would have understood this and picked a more just methodology at first the gathering would have acquired trust for the pioneers, making future approach execution simpler.

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