georgia department of corrections 2013 budget

georgia department of corrections 2013 budget

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The goal of this project is to provide answers to the following 3 questions: 1) the 2013 budget for the Georgia department of corrections was over one billion dollars. What are we getting for our money? Specifically, where is the money going? What does our 1 billion buy? 2) what should we be getting for 1 billion dollars? If you had control over the system, how would things be different? Where would you spend the money? If you would allocate money differently than it is currently allocated, what would you cut in order to fund your new priorities? 3) how would you justify these changes? What do the “experts” believe corrections should be doing for our society? That is, what does the research literature in corrections suggest is effective? Why do your changes make sense in light of what we know about “what works” in corrections?
Find out where the budgetary priorities are for Georgia’s Dept. of Corrections and find out what experts (scholars in this area) think we should be doing in the area of corrections. You can use both web based and peer reviewed sources for this project. I recommend at least 10 sources for the paper 8 of which should be from peer reviewed journal articles- presenting the expert opinions. Georgia’s dept. of corrections puts out an annual report. The 2013 report is available on the web. This is a good place to start and you are welcome to use multiple years of reports from the GDOC. Please note that this is solely not an opinion paper, therefore do some background research at a level appropriate to a 3000 level course in criminal justice. This means you must provide references for your paper, using both within text citations and a works cited page.


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