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Global climate change

  1. “The last couple of winters have been soooo cold here in the US north east, global warming yeah right!”
  2. “Meterologists can’t even accurately predict the weather tomorrow, how can they predict that climate on
    earth will get warmer in the next few decades”
  3. “There is no scientific consenus regarding human-caused global climate change. If scientists can’t even
    agree, why should we worry?”
  4. “Climate on earth has been warming and cooling long before humans. The climate change we are seeing
    now is just a natural change and has nothing to do with human activities”
  5. “Global climate change is caused by air pollutants that is damaging the ozone layer”

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despite changes in law in regard to equalities, that little had changed in the views of people towards the ‘unnaturalness’ of same-sex relationships and about suitability and discourse surrounding these and associated issues within educational practice. This and other studies conclude that it is the evasiveness of addressing and talking about these issues that lead to prejudice through exclusion, and in promoting heterosexualism (Biddulph 2006, Atkinson 2002). Atkinson (2002) strongly argues that when schools and teachers assume a position of ‘inaction’ they are conversely adopting a stance of promoting a heterosexist view through the promoting of heterosexual norms, in the absence of teaching materials and role models of non heterosexualism. Chapman & Wright (2008) compared the number of books containing LGBT material, in 2 schools, 1 in USA and one in England, and found there was on average 1 book for every 58 students. Greenblatt (2001) found there to be on average 27% in a typical classroom of students, were either LGB or have a member of their close family who are, this was found to be unacceptable. Although the library staff attitudes were positive there were concerns about age appropriate, complaints about providing this material and if it was their role to source such, and that blocks to access due to software filtering, and it being their role to provide these materials (Chapman & Wright 2008) , () found that children themselves even in primary school … to heterosexual practices and play. Even though there is increased awareness amongst younger school children in recent times, and with the openness and acceptability of celebrites, it does not lead to accepting of peers with different sexual tendencies and identities. While young people themselves anticipated and resigned themselves to bullying at school, there was increased anger that school attitude of staff and wider school policies were unsupportive and indeed contributed towards homophobia (Formby 2013). Homophobic language is used in primary and secondary school and not always as form of abuse but rather in the context of scorn e.g the phrase ‘you’re so gay’ or ‘that’s so gay’ was reported to be heard by 95% of secondary and 75% of primary school teachers (

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