global or multicultural in nature,

Discussion 15 Assignment:

ENGL 1113: English Composition I
Essay 4: Writing to Convince / Research Argument
For this assignment, you are to select a topic that is either global or multicultural in nature,
articulate a position on the topic, address
and refute an opposing view, and argue your viewpoint
using sound logic. Your topic should not only have an immediate impact on American society or
culture but also other societies or cultures. Your viewpoint should be both arguable and
defendable, and s
hould be structured as a classical argument.
Use invention techniques such as brainstorming, listing, cubing, reporters’ questions,
freewriting, and clustering.
Consider an external audience to guide tone,
vocabulary, and content.
Draft or outline your initial draft. Employ a pattern of organization that is clear
and easy for the reader to follow.
Provide sufficient and relevant context so that your audience understands your
State a clear, debatable c
Support your claim by presenting credible evidence from a variety of sources.
Identify and acknowledge the counterargument to your claim.
Offer a conclusion that summarizes your evidence and restates your original claim
in a new way.
e an appropriate balance of audience appeals from Aristotle’s Rhetorical
Triangle to connect with the reader. (Logos

logic and facts, Ethos

ethics and
credibility, Pathos

Avoid using fallacies that will weaken your argument and lessen your
with the audience.
Write effective sentences using concise language, proper grammar and
When using outside sources, integrate your quotations effectively and correctly
and cite all sources according to the specified format.
e and edit your essay to improve the original draft.
Argue objectively, use sound logic, and avoid fallacies.
Incorporate all the components of a classical argument in a fluid and effective manner.
Make nuanced and effective use of the rhetor
ical triangle: ethos, logos, and pathos.
Show how your topic has a real and important impact on various cultures or societies.
Option I: Write an argument that deals with issues of culture or ethnicity.
II: Write an argument that addresses the United States’ relationship with other
Option III: Write an argument that deals with a global issue.
MLA Format
12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial)

8 pages of text, not incl
uding the Works Cited page
Works Cited page

7 sources, correctly quoted and cited
Select sources that are current, relevant, and reliable
Avoid “quick and easy” sources, such as
, or other
online encyclopedias or dictionaries
Your paper should follow the classic argument pattern, or a variation of it, as specified by your
textbook. A classic argument contains the following components:
Introduction: In the introduction, you slowly lead your audience into the topic
introducing it and connecting it to them.
Narration: The narration is where you give all necessary background and context so your
audience can understand the topic. You might do any or all of the following: give
historical background; define special
ized terms; explain the extent of any problems
presented within the topic; explain how the topic is controversial.
Partition: The partition, in short, is your thesis, or claim. It should meet two criteria: it
should be arguable, and it should be
Argument: If the partition is the claim, this is where you support that claim with topic
sentences, or sub

claims, that bolster and prove the thesis. Remember to use outside
sources to illustrate or support your ideas, and avoid fallacies at
all costs. Solid
argument, remember, is built upon solid reasoning.
Refutation: Here, you first acknowledge opposing viewpoints, and then show why your
viewpoint is preferable to all others.
Conclusion: As in previous essays, your conclusion should tie
up all loose ends, reiterate
the main idea, and then end on a thought

provoking note. Usually, an argument ends
with a call to action.

For this assignment, you will begin the writing process for Essay 4 by using a prewriting strategy. Specifically, you will explore potential topics for Essay 4 through one of the following:
•    Clustering – making a map of ideas and showing how those ideas relate to one another
•    Listing – compiling a list of ideas to see how many ideas you can generate
•    Freewriting – writing nonstop for five minutes to see what ideas pour onto the page; when you freewrite, you do not worry about grammar or development since the primary goal is to generate ideas
Select one of the above prewriting strategies and explore as many topics as possible for Essay 4. After you post your prewriting process, reply to two classmate postings. Your replies will be judged according to the established discussion criteria.
Note: You can use the Paint program (or similar program) on your computer to make a “digital.’ cluster that you can upload for this assignment (view “Prewriting Strategies: Parts I and II for an example of how to make a digital cluster). When you are finished making your cluster, save it as a JPEG image.


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