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Globally Right Source

Pressures to provide improved products at lower costs are an important factor prompting offshore outsourcing. Explain the concept of “globally right source” and detail how a firm can “globally right source” their value-adding activities to maximize their global competitive position.

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effectively eliminate Soviet units. During the Battle of Kursk, the Soviet lost roughly three times more men, two times more tanks and four times more self-propelled guns than the Germans. However, Hitler cancelled the Operation Citadel on July 12 to reinforce Italy as the Western Allies had invaded Sicily, in a fear of Allied invasion of Europe. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Soviet defenses, which were well prepared as Professor Geoffrey Wawro described, “Maginot line put on steroids,” weren’t the main reasons that Germans halted the offensive but, instead, the invasion of Sicily. Some historians, like Dennis Showalter, argue that the Battle of Kursk tactical defeat for the Red Army due to the Soviet losses. In conclusion, the outcome of Battle of Kursk was a German failure instead of a Soviet victory. Although the Soviets were heavily prepared for a German offensive, the major reasons for the defeat came from German’s attention was too focused on Kursk and couldn’t win a swift victory due to their ill preparation. German victory seemed likely until the Allied invasion of Sicily, which saved the Soviets, as Hitler had to halt the offensive and pull the forces out of the Battle of Kursk in a fear of Western Allied invasion of mainland Europe. Section 3: Reflection When investigating history, a historian could find many limitations. For example, identifying the number of death may seem reliable since I am identifying a quantitative data. A problem that I came across though is that it is very hard to prove the reliability of the numbers of causalities as the numbers vary according to the origins of the sources. This is because the governments have often deflated the causalities to inflate their military pride. Maybe the biggest task of a historian is rather to minimize the bias. During my investigation, I noticed that this task is much easier to fulfill when there are multiple sources from multiple origins so historians can compare each source to minimize the bias of the sources. Winston Churchill once said, “History is written by victors.” This was true when I investigating the Battle of Kursk. While I was researching, I had to consider the fact that the Allied perspective dominates the examinations of the battle. Number of sources often exaggerated the Allied successes and neglected German failures. This was a challenge as I tried to give a balanced argument. To give a balanced argument, I explore further by reading some sources written by German general who were involved in the Operation Citadel. When investigating, historians struggle to find balanced arguments as most of the sources are dominated by one perspective.

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