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Goals for Recovery and Motivation for this Client

a. Develop Goals for Recovery and Motivation for this Client
i. Set broad goals aimed at replacing dysfunctional behaviors with adaptive ones in order to facilitate resolution of the target problem(s).
ii. Goals should be measurable and focus on long-term, global outcomes of treatment.
iii. Goals should be more than the elimination of pathology. They should be directed at the client learning new and more functional methods of coping.
b. Triggers

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onsequentialism is an ethical hypothesis like the deontological and temperance morals draws near. They vary as far as which object they connect moral significance to. Kant's deontological approach sees goodness as having a place with obligations, acts and commitments themselves instead of their outcomes. Uprightness hypothesis takes a gander at great corresponding to the person and propensities for an ethical individual created over the long haul. In consequentialism virtues depend on outcomes of activities and not around private person or the activity or obligation itself. A few issues with this approach are - right off the bat, whether we can constantly foresee the results of our activities. Assuming full expectation is unthinkable, can gauging of results give adequate rules for moral estimation considering weighing is beyond the realm of possibilities by and by or on a fundamental level. Besides, Scheffer brought up demandingness i.e defining a boundary between which activities are ethically pertinent and which are not is troublesome if by some stroke of good luck outcomes of activities are ethically important. This could make even conventional activities like cleaning one's teeth and so forth possible demonstrations of moral significance. Be that as it may, this is against our instinct. Thirdly, what is the standardizing reason for the outcomes of an activity to be great'? Bentham's Utilitarianism is a kind of libertine consequentialism since it counts just the delight and torment coming about because of an activity as ethically significant the best satisfaction of most noteworthy number of individuals. Factory added to Bentham's to a great extent quantitative conversation by seeing that not all joys are subjectively on a similar level. A few joys can have more weight and significance than others. The positive qualities in characterized as joy/delight and not limiting to just results. So Phillipa Foot contended, we can't get out whatever are great results in the event that we don't initially comprehend what is great external the significant setting. In light of complaints towards consequentialism, utilitarianism has been recognized as rule-consequentialism and act-consequentialism by Richard Brandt. Act consequentialism applies the head of utility dependent upon the situation to acts and t

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