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Government and Politics

After reflecting upon liberation movements (e.g., the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage movement, etc.), select one of the following forms of government and discuss how that particular form of government could unjustly prevent those liberation movements from achieving those sought-after freedoms: monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, and democracy. Include textual evidence to support your view.

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Despite the various characteristics that make species so different from each other, there is one specific molecule that is present in every single living thing without exception, which is DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA, is a molecule that every organism, from amphibians, to reptiles, to mammals, contain within their cells, and it is of significant importance because it’s the blueprint for everything that happens within the organism. Not only does it code for the different features that make us different from one another, but it is also the one responsible for indicating other structures and molecules how to behave and which functions to perform in order to maintain life. Because of DNA, organisms can fully developed and grow, as well as carry out their function in the environment. Having stated the importance of DNA, scientists have long made experiments regarding this molecule. Evaluating it makes it useful to obtain all the codes and genetic material that makes up an organism, meaning that all of its composition information is available. At the same time, its analysis involves a detailed process because it is a very small molecule, only observable through a microscope. Its capacity of chromosome arrangement makes it possible for cells to contain the complete set. Finally, the scope of this report will be to evaluate the experimentation on DNA extraction in two species of plants; tomatoes and strawberries. Personal Engagement. This experiment is of great importance because it shows us the components that make up our bodies and the structures that are crucial for all of the functions of our body to perform accurately. It gave us the opportunity to explore one of the fundamental molecules, the one that makes up everything we know, DNA. At the same time, research on this type of molecule has had a lot of relevance, because there are still many things that we don’t know and need to understand about its complexity. Throughout the extraction process, scientists can analyze and manipulate it, and it allows them to detect genetic disorders like different types of trisomies, fingerprints, create GMOs, and even produce products for the medical industry such as insulin, antibiotics, and when focused in the areas of genetics, it allows us to understand how heritable traits are passed down from our parents on to us, and how DNA is what makes the 7 billion people that live on earth so different. As biology students, getting to learn about such a significant component in our lives makes us understand more about life itself. Safety Considerations. As in any other laboratory session, it is required that students wear lab coats at all times, and it is recommended that people with long hair tie it back to avoid any inconvenience. For this experiment in p

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