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Government System –Measuring Government Regulations-Team

What is the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ score for the country you have chosen for your research? Relative to doing business in the country you have chosen,
what does this mean for the company you have chosen to research? How does this impact their operational decisions? This is a team project but everyone
should submit a response. You can submit the same response as a teammate and you will not be penalized for plagiarism. Go to
(Links to an external site.). Here you can research your country.

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ush specializes in the sale of all-natural beauty and self care products (Crain’s New York Business, 2007). The most popular Lush products are bath bombs, shower bars, face masks, and cleansers (Steen, 2017). All of the products that Lush sells are handmade and use sustainably procured resources. Furthermore, because they have less chemicals and preservatives, Lush products are often able to be used by consumers with varying levels of skin sensitivity (Lush, 2018). Lush products have no preservatives resulting in shorter product life cycles. As a result the consumer often gets a sense that the products are more fresh and natural than competitors (Lush, 2018). Just as stated with the vision, Lush’s goals are complicated and diverse. A few of their stated goals are to make the world cleaner, have fun, and ensure the fair treatment of animals (Lush, 2018). To begin, Lush has reduced their packaging to minimalistic packaging which both works as a marketing tool and achieves the goal of a smaller carbon footprint (Lush, 2018). Furthermore, their use of direct-sale method allows them to streamline their logistics system resulting in less waste in terms of transportation (Saltzman, 2017). Having fun is the ultimate goal of the Lush company, and can be seen all over their public statements and website. As a result, they are constantly emphasising the need for their sales associates to be upbeat and charismatic. Primarily, the key goals of the organization are to produce an organization that has a minimal impact on the environment. Another noteworthy goal of Lush is their goal to grow their brick-and-mortar store success to match their rapidly expanding online presence. Some ways the organization is doing so is th

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