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Group Therapy

After watching the video answer the questions with concrete examples from the group session.

  1. What interactions between group members did you notice, either verbal or non-verbal? What messages did they send?
  2. Did you notice any instances when one member became quiet? Or might have felt slighted? Did the members participate equally?
  3. Was the leader effective? Were there any non-verbal messages from the leader?
  4. What did you notice about the interaction between the facilitator and the participants?
  5. What did you think about the make-up of the members in terms of gender? Was that something to be considered in the member selection process?
  6. What did you think of the way they were seated? Did the seating arrangement have any impact on what happened?

Sample Solution

g venue production and has been demolished and rebuilt in 2005. The new Bislett Stadium meets international requirements for track and field events and has now met the national requirements for hosting football matches in the Norwegian Premier League. 2014 Winter Olympics–Sochi Olympic Park Now onto our second venue which was the main area for the 2014 Winter Olympics which was Sochi Olympic Park. Since the Olympics this venue has hosted a variety of different events considering it is a park with multiple facilities within. There have been skating events, world chess championships, Paralympic events, world robot Olympiad events, hockey league all-star games, international conventions, curling championships, music competitions, basketball league all-star games and world festival of youth and students events. The fact that this venue was able to host a variety of different events like this proves that this Olympic Park pretty much has everything on site that can be put to use to host a lot of these different events. Some other huge events this venue has hosted was the Formula One Russian Grand Prix in 2014 and it also hosted matches during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Now, a new ice hockey team in the Kontiental Hockey League, HC Sochi Leopards plays in the Bolshoy Area at this venue. There haven’t been many improvements to this park throughout the years and it is now pretty much empty however, some of the facilities are being used for things like national skating schools where a new generation of Russian hockey players and figure skaters come to train, a Formula One racing track and also a giant amusement which doesn’t attract a large number of local people at all on the weekends. Venues Oslo, Norway 1952 Oslo held ten venues for competition and eight non-competition venues. They, also, had three reserve venues. The highest capacity competition venues held 150,000 and 29,000. The 150,000-seat venue was called Holmenkollbakken, which was in Oslo and was used for Cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Bislett stadion held 29,000 and was in Oslo. It was used for figure skating and speed skating. Half of the venues were in the city of Oslo, and the other half were in nearby cities. They did not do as much construction for the venues, they used facilities that were nearby. After th

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