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Happiness Hypothesis

  1. What, where, and when was The Axial Age? 2. Many scholars believe the “perennial philosophy” of the Axial Age is an indicator that most if not all cultures originally shared a common monotheistic outlook of religion before the emergence of the various outlooks that exist today. What do you think of this theory? 3. All religious worldviews boil down to either Henotheism/Monotheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, or Atheism. Define these terms. 4. (Have read by Day 1 of Week 7): Read through the various excerpts from the sacred texts of Hinduism and answer the following questions: a. What is the riddle-like dialogue which the sages engaged in about the origin and meaning of the universe called? b. Define atman and brahman. c. How did the story of Shvetaketu and Uddalaka illustrate the concepts of atman and brahman? d. What is karma? What is karma-yoga and how is it different than the earlier understanding of karma? 5. (Have read by Day 2 of Week 7): Read through the various excerpts from the sacred texts of Buddhism and answer the following questions: a. What are the Four Noble Truths? b. What is the Eightfold Path? c. What are the Three Poisons? d. What is samsara? e. What are the Three Marks of Existence? f. What is anatta? g. What is Nibbana? Type up #’s 1-5 by end of Week 7 6. (Have read by Day 1 of Week 8): Read through the various excerpts from The Analects of Confucius and answer the following questions: a. What is Li? b. What are the 5 Relationships? c. What is Hsiao? Jen? 7. (Have read by Day 1 of Week 8): Read through the excerpts from the Daodejing and answer the following question: a. Describe the Dao. What is it exactly? 8. Summarize the various Hellenistic Philosophies’ perspectives on the human condition here. 9. What is the Ancient Happiness Hypothesis? What are its flaws? 10. (Have read by Day 2 of Week 8): Read the various excerpts from the Stoic philosophers in the Unit 3 Readings Document and then answer the following question: How do the Stoic philosophers’ views reflect a belief in the Happiness Hypothesis? 11. (Have read by Day 2 of Week 8): Read the story “The Choice of Heracles” story in the Unit 3 Readings Document and then answer the following question: How would you have chosen? 12. In the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, there is a remarkably nuanced “happiness hypothesis.” How is this view different from that of the Stoics?

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human gallstones by F. Pouletier de la Salle in 1769. M.E. Chevreul named the natural particle "cholesterine" (chole for bile, sound systems for strong) in 1815, later changed with the compound postfix of - old for the liquor part [REF Review Olson 1998 1]. Throughout the course of recent years, cholesterol has been widely examined and connected to various pathologies and firmly managed metabolic pathways. Design of cholesterol comprises, in its free structure (free cholesterol; FC), of four connected hydrocarbon rings with on one side a hydrocarbon tail, restricting a hydroxyl bunch [REF]. The two finishes make an amphipathic particle with a hydrophobic and hydrophilic side. This underlying aggregate is vital in creature cell layers development. The hydrophilic hydroxyl bunch ties to the phospholipid heads in the cell layer, turning the hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail towards the center of the film bilayer. This primary aggregate increments film smoothness and porousness, permitting the cell to change shape [REF bloch 1991 363-381]. The film FC/phospholipid proportion is accordingly fundamental for layer unbending nature any misbalance could impact cell portability and at last initiate cell passing [REF Simons 2000 1721-6 2]. Systems that are related with the aggregation of film bound FC prompted cytotoxicity are intracellular cholesterol crystallization, poisonous oxysterol development [REF Björkhem I. 2002 3] and apoptotic flagging pathway actuation [REF Tabas I. 1997 and 2002 4,5]. It is subsequently that most of the cholesterol found in the body exists in its more steady, less cytotoxic, esterified structure (cholesteryl esters (CE)) that take up around 2/3 of the serum cholesterol. Lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) drives the esterification of a FC particle in plasma, adding a solitary unsaturated fat to the hydroxyl bunch [REF 6 glomset 1968]. The transformation of un-esterified cholesterol towards CE empowers cells to store and move cholesterol, without the gamble of FC instigated cytotoxicity [REF]. Upon hydrolyzation by cholesteryl ester hydrolase, cholesterol and free unsaturated fats are recovered for additional biosynthesis [REF 36 goedeke]. Other than the famous job in creature cell layer regulation, cholesterol impacts a scope of pathways i.a. as the forerunner for chemical steroidogenesis [REF] and bile acids [REF], assumes a huge part in transmembrane flagging [REF] and cell multiplication [REF fernandez 7]. Notwithstanding the useful variety between cholesterol utilizing pathways, securing of cholesterol follows, fo

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