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Health Belief Model Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change

Social Cognitive Theory
Family Systems Theory
Family Assessment and Intervention Model
Praxis Theory of Suffering
Search the library for literature. Locate 5 (five) articles related to the selected theories. You may use no more than two articles related to each theory/model.
Sources should be related to nursing practice using the selected theory/model.
Sources should be scholarly, relevant to the theory/model and to nursing, and published within the past 5 years. If source is older than 5 years, instructor permission should be obtained and the historical significance of the article should be explained.
Prepare an annotated entry for each source. Begin with the full APA citation of the source, followed by 2-3 paragraphs:
Summarize the article.
Describe how the article relates to the chosen theory/model.
Reflect on how the article could (or could not) be relevant to future Nurse Practitioner practice.

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