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Health information systems

Health information systems provide a variety of multi-faceted information to provide organizations with the ability to determine areas of strength and weakness. Using the Measure Evaluation Health Information System (HIS) Assessment Tools Database (Links to an external site.) website, choose one assessment tool for health information systems from the website for evaluation of the organization you are presently in practice.
• Using the tool, assess the organization to the best of your capability.
• Provide a summary of your evaluation.
• Next, select one standard from the American Nurses Informatics Association and determine the alignment of the organization based on the evaluation information you gathered using the assessment tool.
• Provide two QSEN aligned recommendations for the organization to use for improvement of the present health information system.
• What data would you use from the evaluation to support or not support alignment with the standard?

Sample Solution

The third sign is the symbol: language is a system of symbols, wherein each word or phrase has a definite and consistent meaning, albeit often contextually defined. Words are usually shortcuts for something else; the word “sad” represents an emotional state. Language is essential for describing and analysing music, but as ethnomusicologist Thomas Turino explains, such symbols “fall short in the realm of feeling and experience”. Therefore, symbols are secondary or after-the-fact, and may distract from the intimacy and immediacy of the musical experience. It is important to distinguish symbols from symbolism, which is often more metaphorical and more related to icons or indexical responses. Icons, indexes and symbols help us to understand how music effects people and groups in meaningful ways. Throughout history politicians have understood and have effectively used the iconic and indexical power of music to further their own pragmatic needs. For example, the Nazis used music for their own malicious purposes and political movements. The Nazis used a series of rituals and non – verbal signs like the swastika and the Hitler salute to bind the population into following orders. Furthermore, Nazi leaders repeatedly connected ’German greatness’, ‘Jewish degeneracy’, ‘work’, ‘freedom’, ‘unity’, and ‘military’ together in Nazi speeches, films, and songs. They used music as a form of propaganda, using singing at mass rallies and required membership in choirs to create a sense of collective unity for the German people and they highlighted the greatness of German music while not tolerating music written by Jewish or black people. The Nazis constructed the ‘elite’ German political identity through these rituals and propaganda music and influenced others to also take on this identity. Additionally, an example for a social movement is the Civil Rights Movement which used music as a tool for positive change. During the Civil Rights Movement, mass singing was one of the primary forces that united people and created a sense of unity. Songs like “We shall Overcome” became iconic of the movement and people developed indexical responses to those songs and the movement as a whole. Through the semiotic power of music like in the rise of the Nazi party and the civil rights movement we can see how much has been used a political tool throughout history. Tunisian music created powerful semiotic responses that helped strengthen the movement that sparked the Arab Spring. Turino’s theory can explain the importance of hip-hop as a genre for the Tunisian social movements. In the United States, hip-hop is the ‘iconic’ genre for African Americans, a marginalised group. American hip-hop deals with issues of oppression, poverty, and rebellion. For much of the world, hip-hop and ideas of fighting oppression have an i

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