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Healthcare ethics

Attend a Medical Ethics Committee Meeting at your hospital or health care system.
Obtain proof of attendance and upload it into CANVAS.
Complete the Healthcare ethics online course. CITI training module

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The evolution of public opinion on intermarriage has been a change for the better in society Kristof argues that “The rise in interracial marriage reflects a revolution in attitudes” (pg.1) each individual has a distinct personality, which clearly affects his or her life, in emotional, social and psychological choices. The ability of each person to adapt thoughts or ideas from one person to another, based on the environment, the circumstances of his life, his experiences, his family and social surroundings, and his scientific level. A person’s ability to harmonize in a different environment related to his personality, whether if to open to others or be closed to himself. The ability to harmonize within any couple is based on their principles of understanding and mutual respect between the two partners. The presence of the other supportive people will help effectively to adapt with the changes more quickly, cultural or religious difference or any other difference does not necessarily generate different people but is an invitation to a rapprochement among themselves. some people disagree about intermarriage because their mind is still not opened about the idea of not doing everything in the old tradition way, but people with open minded think that it is a good thing because they are okay with idea of exchanging traditions with the other person. From an experience that happened to one of my one of closest friends, they fell in love with each other, but both of them were from different religions, the girl is non-Muslim but the guy is Muslim. A Muslim guy can marry a non-Muslim but a girl can not, the parents of the guy are so religious that they did not accept the fact that their son wants to marry a girl from a different religion because their traditions and beliefs are different , but the guy himself does not mind it because he loves her and she loves him, I do not see why his parents did not approve of them even though it is allowed in Islam, now they are still dating but behind his parents, the girls parent are okay with it they told her to do what makes her happy. I agree with Kristof when he said that “Thus we should welcome any trend that makes a superficial issue like color less central to how we categorize each other” (pg.1) because I do not think that a person should be treated by his skin color there are much bigger problems than this, The richness, openness and culture that the children acquire from

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