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Healthcare Human Resources Strategies, Practices, and Tactics

Evaluate human resources strategies, practices, and tactics for achieving optimal workforce performance within the healthcare field.

Student Success Criteria
View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.

Wynn Regional Medical Center (WRMC) recently received a letter of resignation from the Human Resources Director. This is the second HR Director who has resigned in the last year. The HR Department has been in disarray due to the departures and many policies have not been implemented. Some positions have been left vacant for months due to a lack of knowledge about what sort of skill sets are needed to succeed in those roles.

As the newly hired Vice President of Human Resources, the CEO of WRMC has asked you to develop a written hiring proposal that includes information on recruiting, training, and succession planning for the new HR Director. The proposal should be a Word document and address the following:
How do you plan on finding a qualified HR Director? Where will you advertise the position? What are you looking for in a qualified candidate?
When you select the best applicant, how will you train him or her? Who will train them? How long will they train? What are the top five items that he or she will need to be trained on?
Describe what a succession plan is and the importance of having one in an organization.
How will you ensure that the department is prepared if this HR Director resigns? Who will serve in the HR Director capacity on an interim basis?

Sample Solution

access to employment difficult for new young entrants to the job market’ (McCarthy, 2008). 7.7 The psyche of unemployment youth and discouraged job seekers When young people struggle and fail to secure employment in the early years of their potential working life; can lead to a higher probability that these job seekers may become discouraged. Most importantly, the higher the rate of youth unemployment, the higher the probability that large numbers of workers will become discouraged ultimately disengaging from the labour force altogether (Burns et al, 2010). Linked to this is the reality that the longer young people stay without employment, the more they are locked out of the opportunity of amassing human capital, a key variable in determining living standards. Taken together these two factors make long-term integration into the labour even harder. Studies have also shown that young people unable to secure employment or at the very least a productive role in society, are more vulnerable to anti-social behavior (McCarthy, 2008). South Africa is no different from evidence obtained from the United States, France, Sri Lanka and more recently Egypt that all suggest that youth unemployment can lead to increased crimes rates, incarceration, and political upheaval. 8. DEVELOPMENT FINANCE INTERVENTIONS Youth unemployment is not a neglected area of concern in South Africa. The number of interventions, failed or successful, initiated by the government and within the framework of public-private-partnerships (PPPs) is evidence of this. What is clear is that, based on the risk patterns discussed above, the primary objective of any policy or development finance intervention should be to increase the integration of young people into the labour market. The development finance interventions discussed from hereon will therefore aim to (a) counteract market failure, (b) optimize labour market regulation and, (c) improve the skills of young people. Given that youth unemployment has been a central policy focus in South Africa some of the interventions are not new, but recommendations on strengthening for greater impact will be proposed. 8.1 Enterprise Finance for Youth Entrepreneurship The encouragement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMMEs) is a key intervention to respond to youth unemployment. In particular, young people need better access to capital if they are to create ventures that have the ability to generate employment not only for themselves but others too. Easier access to credit is but one solution to create youth-owned enterprises.

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