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Healthcare policy

Healthcare policy is constantly changing the way the U.S. healthcare system operates. Nurse executives and
nurse educators must be aware of the changing landscape and be prepared to facilitate change in the
organization. All students will complete A, B and C. Complete either d1 or d2 depending on track (EL or NE).
You may use a bill that is being considered at the state level, but there are so many available nationally, likely
there is one of interest to you. Please do not choose a Resolution- only legislation.
A. Go to or
B. Choose a Senate or House Bill (S. or H.B.) of interest to you. I live in Iowa, I don’t care what you use.
d2. As a Nurse Educator Create a Teaching Module for Staff on the impact of the bill with respect to any of the
ANA Standards of Practice that could impact staff and delivery of care:
• Standard 1. – Assessment
• Standard 2. – Diagnosis
• Standard 3. – Outcomes Identification
• Standard 4. – Planning
• Standard 5. – Implementation
• Standard 5A. – Coordination of Care
• Standard 5B. – Health Teaching and Health Promotion
• Standard 5C. – Consultation
• Standard 5D. – Treatment
• Standard 6. – Evaluation

Sample Solution

was 14 years, commenced self-harm at 15 years, attempted suicide for the first time at age 17 and delayed coming out until 21 years old. The 7 year period of concealment of their sexual orientation or gender identity, led to mental health problems and psychological distress, a period coinciding with their years at secondary school and entering early adulthood, a time of significant social and emotional growth. Sometimes young people are told they are not old enough to know their sexual orientation or gender identity and are encouraged to wait till they are older, but many say they have always known they were ‘different’ (Acred 2016). Fedder (2005) attest that whilst many young people keep secret about their same-sex romantic inclinations, increasingly, and at a younger age, more LGBTQ children ‘come out’, while still others are questioning their gender identity and sexual orientation, but they often have not considered the stressors that puts them under. Coming Out There is no reliable data on the LGBT population in Scotland, but is thought to be about 5% of the Scottish population, however this is likely to be underestimated, as asking about sexual orientation/identity is a new phenomena in national surveys and many people still do not feel the climate is right to be open about such personal issues (Scottish Government 2013a). In Britain 4% of people say they are completely homosexual whereas 19% feel they are somewhere in between (Dahlgreen and Shakespeare 2016). Reassurances should be given that it is OK to feel confusion, sexuality may not be fixed, it may be for some, but for others it may change over time (Acred 2016). On top of this many LGBTI children are faced with predjudice and violence in their own home environment, and children did not feel they could be open with their family (FRA 2013, Acred 2016). Formby (2013) looked at barriers and enablers to schools and youth services around tackling issues around homosexuality, homophobia and transphobia in 9 settings in one region of England, with 220 mixed respondents of teachers, youth workers and young people aged 11-20, using questionnaires, and abou

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