heart disease awarness

heart disease awarness

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Write an analysis of the evolution and presentation of a new story over time and around the globe. You may either track one story as it was reported around the globe

within the same 24-hour period, or you may track the way a story evolved over the course of approximately a week. Use online news resources to track and evaluate how a

fairly current story has been reported by five different media outlets, at least one of which is from outside the United States. Your thesis should assert a claim

about the quality and consistency or inconsistency of the coverage. You should use the criteria for good journalism presented in “Journalism, Satire or Just Laughs?”,

as well as the methods for evaluation presented in the Deconstruction Guide handout and the MAVIN source evaluation handout (all are available in the Course Documents

section of Blackboard).

Source Requirement:
• You must use at least five articles/stories covering the same story as it evolves over a week or as it is presented within the first 24 hours of the event’s

occurrence. All of the articles must have been published in 2013.

• At least one of your articles must be from a source outside the U.S., written in English. (To find English language newspapers from around the globe, go to Arts and

Letters Daily (www.aldaily.com) and click on Newspapers on the upper lefthand column, or go to Today’s Front Page at the Newseum


• One of the five texts you evaluate may be a television news broadcast or a radio news broadcast.

• One of the five texts you evaluate may be an opinion piece/commentary. Focus your analysis for this type of article primarily on how the opinion piece presents facts

within the context of expressing an opinion or making an argument.

• The articles must be written in English and readily accessible via either the Internet or a library database.


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