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Heroism is also a very important topic when it comes to the world of myth.

Heroism is also a very important topic when it comes to the world of myth. What do the tales of our heroes reveal about Greek and Roman ideas of heroism? In your opinion, are any of the heroes more heroic than others? Be sure to develop your answer thoroughly, and refer to specific passages and/or quotes from the text to support your answer

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been hinged on their compliance to technological inclusion in their performance processes. However, Trader Joe’s has recorded lack of enthusiasm for the implementation of increasing information and communication technology in its operational culture (Ager and Roberto, 2014). The United States through policy formation is known to be one of the nations with strong drive in fusing technology as a powerful driver of business. Global movement towards environmental and legal compliance in the US has been exemplary, in that the laws and regulations of the country is consistent adherence to aspects such as tax laws; and customers are starting to show more interest in organic foods and methods of packaging as consistent with gradual compliance to environmentally friendly business operations (Schmitz, 2012; Ristovska and Ristovska, 2014). Five Forces analysis Trader Joe’s position in the retail industry (Foods), may be found at the bottom of the pack according to Progressive Grocer (2012).the reason for this is not far-fetched. The industry in the United States is highly competitive with leaders like Wall-Mart. The ease of entry becomes very challenging with other strong competitor ahead with many store locations and different formats in operations in the US. Trader Joe’s target market for the educated, keeps it in form and control without the need to spread out in competition as others do. As explained in the case Trader Joe’s operate the low cost strategy. This is enabled by its understanding with suppliers that are not easily known by competitors. The supplier pressure is low on Trader Joe’s. So, they are able to deliver low cost and still make profits that keeps them going. Buyers’ power in the context of Trader Joe’s and according to Dalken (2014) has been neutralized by the low cost strategy of the retailer and the relationship they maintain with their educated customer target. The essence buyer power is to push price downwards. However, the relationship that Trader Joe’s keeps with its suppliers, enables them to neutralize the negative effects buyer power would have had. Threat of substitutes in the retail industry in the US is very high speaking from the list delivered by Ager and Roberto (2014). However, Trade Joe’s has been able to overcome this by remaining true to its vision of providing for the educated target market around education centers. The customers of Trader Joe’s know and understand the company. This has been able to reduce the impacts of threat of substitutes. Trader Joe’s also has chosen a path for itself in the industry in the US. The retail has shun what they call ‘unnecessary competition. They have kept to their traditional and functional processes and methods which brings their customers closer to them. For instance, in the aspect of marketing communication

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