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History of cough and congestion

Mr. JD is a 24-year-old who presents to Urgent Care with a 2-week history of cough and congestion. He says it started out as a “normal cold” and it will not go away. He has a productive cough for green mucous and has green nasal discharge. He says he has had a low-grade temperature for the past 2 days. John reports an intermittent frontal headache with this cold. He is otherwise healthy, with no known allergies.
In his assessment it is found that his vital signs are stable, temperature is 99.9 degrees F, tympanic membranes (TMs) are clear bilaterally, pharynx is erythematous with no exudate; there is greenish postnasal drainage; turbinates are swollen and red; frontal sinus tenderness; no cervical adenopathy, and lungs are clear bilaterally.

Is there any additional subjective or objective information you need for this client? Explain.
Would you treat Mr. JDs cold? Why or why not?
What would you prescribe and for how many days? Include the class of the medication, mechanism of action, route, the half-life; how it is metabolized in and eliminated from the body; and contraindications and black box warnings.
Would this treatment vary if Mr. JD was a 10 year-old 78 lb child? Include the class of the medication, mechanism of action, dosing, route, the half-life; how it is metabolized in and eliminated from the body; and contraindications and black box warnings
What health maintenance or preventive education is important for this client based on your choice medication/treatment?

Sample Solution

Individuals commit grant fraud by acquiring funds from charities for their own use instead of a cause. This can be prevented by implementing procedures for review and approval of grant applications and a due diligence process to check the applicants and purpose. A charity lost around £500K in grant fraud. 8 Pre- employment screening, gaps in employment, criminal and credit checks can identify concerns around integrity and indicate individuals that should not be hired as they are likely to commit fraud. For instance 15a previous criminal record can indicate repeat behaviour. Checks should be ongoing during employment. Stephen Ashton stole more than £2.5m and he had a prior conviction for fraud. 8Phishing a type of online fraud is used to steal bank details. Staff need to know how identify and report phishing emails. The latest spyware and anti-virus should be used on all devices and passwords should comply with industry standard. It is important to reconcile bank and credit card statements regularly. One in five charities identified a cyber breach in a 12 month period. These systems and controls will need to be appropriate for the size of the charity. Small charities may be unable to have sufficient segregation of duties and management will need to undertake more review activity. Larger charities can benefit from having a fraud prevention team dedicated to the fraud strategy such as Oxfam. Question 3 Identify and evaluate the key methodologies that could be utilised by a regulated firm to embed an effective financial crime prevention (FCP) culture. As part of your analysis, discuss the benefits of embedding an effective FCP culture. 20 marks – this is too short and has to be increased BY 300 WORDS 3 . Culture is defined as the typical, habitual behaviours and mind-sets that characterise a particular organisation. Embedding a Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) culture requires tone from top, policies, procedures, training and recruitment of the right staff. Embedding a culture requires effective communication from the top, awareness of the indicators of financial crime, training, FCP policy, robust hiring practices, an understanding of whistleblowing procedures as well as an effective monitoring programme.

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