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Home Invasion Incident Report

Completing a Burglary (Home Invasion) Investigation Report
You are expected to complete an investigative report for a home invasion (burglary) based on the scenario provided below. Using the information from the scenario, complete the Incident Report Form (in files)

The Scenario

You are a patrol officer for the Ferris State Police Department working the afternoon shift on Sunday, June 6, 2021, when you receive a call to investigate a home invasion (burglary) that apparently ‘occurred sometime over the weekend’. The call information is found on the dispatch card below.

You arrive on scene at the residence and meet with the homeowner, Mr. John Smith and his wife, Judy. They tell you that they left to go camping on Friday afternoon around 5:00 pm (June 4, 2021) and when they returned this afternoon (Sunday, June 6, 2021) around 3:30 pm, they found that their home had been burglarized. The suspect(s) apparently forced open the back door of the residence by kicking the door open, breaking the door frame and leaving a boot print on the door.

The suspect(s) ransacked the residence once inside, and stole several items. While the Smiths are not completely sure of everything that is missing, they are sure that the following items were stolen.
Stolen items:

  1. Vizio 32” television (serial number unknown) (Value: $175)
  2. Vizio 50” television (serial number unknown) (Value: $600)
  3. Sony DVD player (serial number unknown) (Value: $30)
  4. HP 250 G8 laptop computer (serial number unknown) (Value: $600)
  5. Miscellaneous jewelry items (including necklaces, rings, broach, est. value $1000)
  6. Large (10-12 inch) custom made hunting knife with bone handle in leather sheath (est. $300)
    (*Given that the property section of the Incident Report Form does not give much room to report property, you may simply list the stolen items in the narrative instead of detailing them in the provided vehicle/property boxes.)
    Mr. Smith tells you that they have a video surveillance camera on the back of their residence that is motion activated, and it did catch the suspects. However, the camera seems to have froze up and only capture a single frame of the suspects coming up to the back door before it cut out. Below is a copy of that image, which provides you some details about your suspects. The video also has a time stamp, which proves that the incident occurred around 04:33 Sunday morning.

Follow Up Investigation:
After you conclude your investigation at the Smith’s residence, you conducted a neighborhood canvas and attempt to make contact with two neighbors– one at 20505 14 Mile Road, and one at 20509 14 Mile Road, but neither resident was home at the time.
The following day, Monday, June 7, 2021, near the end of your shift (22:00 hours) you stop at a local convenience store (Marathon gas station) located just down the road from the victim’s residence. This is located at 14200 205th Avenue, Big Rapids, MI 49307. The store is open 24 hours a day, and given it is in a fairly rural area, with low traffic at night, you want to show the clerk the photo of your suspects and see if they happened to see anything around the time of your incident.
You get luck and find out that the clerk who is working was working the night shift on Saturday. The clerk, Mr. Jimmy Johns, tells you that he thinks it is the same guys that pulled up ‘kind of freaky fast’ on the parking lot on Sunday morning around 5:00 am. Here is his description:
“It was kind of weird. They pulled up kind of freaky fast and I wasn’t sure if they were going to try to rob us or something. That’s why I remember it. They pull up on the side of the parking lot, almost out of my sight from the cash register. A guy with a hoody on and his face covered …of course with COVID, you hate to assume masks equal robbery… but it must have been about 5:00 am and you know, that’s exactly what I was thinking because there wasn’t anyone else around at the time. And, I could see at least a couple of other dudes or people in the car. They looked like they had hoodies on too, but theirs’ were white, the guy that got out had a darker hoodie on. But anyway, he got out and it looked like he was trying to rearrange things in the trunk and having a hard time getting it closed shut. I couldn’t see exactly what he was moving around but it looked big, like maybe a big screen TV or something that was barely fitting in there. He finally got it shut and they took off. None of them came in side or anything, but I’m sure their were on video on the side lot.”
Mr. Johns then pulls the video which shows basically what he described. While you can’t see the individual very well, you do have a pretty good image of the car. You were able to take a screen shot of the video, but Mr. Johns says his manager will have to make a copy of the video and get it to you later. Mr. Johns says other than the guy being White, and medium height, maybe close to 6′ and fairly slim, he couldn’t tell much else about his description. He says he couldn’t tell much else about the two others in the car, other than they looked to be males.

Sample Solution

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