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Hospiyality case study

Read IHOP and Applebee’s Stacking Up More than Pancakes.pdf

In this case study, you will examine the impact sexual harassment has had on Dine Equity.


What is the effect of social media publicizing these issues regarding sexual harassment? What implications are there on the brand name of the restaurants?
Did IHOP/Applebee’s (as a company and franchisor, AKA Dine Equity) take any measures to circumvent these issues in their restaurants. Was it an effective solution?
What do you think of EEOC’s actions towards sexual harassment cases? Are they effective? How could they be improved?
What do you think about the unit management’s position and actions following the accusations in the mentioned examples? Could they have handled the cases better?

Sample Solution

countryside or in the streets of the concrete jungles. In bustling cities, buskers fill the streets and the underground as people rush past them with their headphones plugged in as they continue on with their busy day. In contrast, if we go into the depths of the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, the Kaluli tribe use the music of birdsong to understand their relationship with the natural environment as well as a way to connect with their ancestors who have passed away. It seems that wherever you are in the world, you cannot escape the power of music, but how can a geographical approach to the senses affect our experience of music? We want to explore how people move through both space and place when surrounded by music and what this approach to the senses can tell us about our experience with music. We will look at the combination of a geographical approach and the experience of music and how it affects our senses, emotions as well as our personal relationships with our surroundings. Our first project was to look at how the experience of music can change in different spaces. In contrast to place, space is not meaningful, it is just an area that we move through. When walking through the streets of Bristol, there is so much life going on around you which affects all of the senses. We found that at as soon as we put our headphones on, the music narrowed down our senses and we were not as aware of what was happening around us. We felt that the senses which were most dulled down were sound and touch. Immediately the noises of the city were blocked out and we were less conscious of things that we might bump into as we were so engulfed by the music. Another example of this is when you are at a gig or a festival, you constantly bump into people as you are in such a confined space but you often are not aware of the other people around you as you are so focused on the music.

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