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y were undoubtedly too extreme and resulted in the murder of millions and this loss of human life cannot be justified by any achievements no matter how impressive. A further argument is suggested by Wood who argues the economic achievements cannot be a justification since the methods used were aggressive in their nature and gave the Russian people little choice in the way they lived. Wood argues that “collectivisation was in effect a civil war unleashed by the Party on the peasant population,” since the policy had a large social cost and the ‘civil war’ that he referred to is policy of dekulakisation. This is clearly supported by a closer examination of Stalin himself when he announced on the 27th of December the “liquidation of the kulak class,” and followed in his speech to proclaim that, “now we have the opportunity to carry out a resolute offensive against the kulaks, break their resistance, eliminate them as a class and replace their production with the production of kolkhozes.” WIKI As Wood suggests the policy was nothing more than the elimination of a section of the peasants and was considered viable by Stalin if it achieved the collectivisation of agriculture. The speech clearly demonstrates that Stalin saw the eradication of the kulaks as a necessity that would have achieved a collectivised countryside and enabled workers to transition into industrial manufacturing. However, this is undoubtedly too extreme to be considered justified. This achievement was Stalin’s justification of the elimination of an entire class and his justification alone. The speech is credible since it was delivered at the time when Stalin had no challenge to his leadership, reinforcing that the view he portrayed was his genuine opinion and not one needed to raise support from the party. In addition, this source is supported by the formalisation of the Politburo’s policy titled. “On measures for the elimination of kulak households in districts of comprehensive collectivisation.” The resolution originated from the Politburo therefore it is definitely true in representing the methods deemed viable by Stalin – he had significant influence within the Politburo since the Left and Right Opposition had been eliminated. The resolution categorised kulaks into; those that were to be shot or imprisoned, those that were to be sent to Siberia, the North, the Urals or Kazakhstan after confiscation of their property and those to be evicted and used in labour colonies. As a result, 500,000 kulaks were killed. The advocation of social cleansing as a policy firmly

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