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How covid-19 associated with the job satisfaction and stress

How is covid-19 associated with the job satisfaction and stress of the teachers in the university of Melbourne (unimelb) by emergency remote teaching (ERT).

Explain the broader context of your project in terms of the themes of local/global connections. Then focus down on the specific theme of your research. How does your project relate to research already done, and what gap in the literature are you aiming to fill?

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Having left paradise, slave and man discover that the harsh realities of a world filled with suffering but eventually find solace through love. Schoolteacher threatens the Sweet Home men that they would be "trespassers among the human race" (148), should they leave the farm. Paul D learns the meaning of schoolteacher's threat firsthand while in captivity. While the white guards of Alfred, Georgia treat him like a primitive being, Paul D has no other companions, save the Cherokee, another race shunned because of their skin. But despite the Indians' acceptance, he does not yet feel complete, so he travels further North, in hopes of finding a place where he would not need "permission for desire" (191). At Sweet Home, the Garners did not recognize true relationships between the slaves, so marriage and ultimately love seemed unreachable at the time. But now that he is free from Sweet Home, Paul D seeks out the woman he lusted after for years: Sethe. It is with her that he eventually finds peace in a world where one race reigns over another, and race is the key to judging one's worth. Paul D's trials mirrors those that man must face when he is dispelled from paradise. Having displeased God, man must now toil "all the days of [his] life" (Gn:3:17), and live a mortal life. Outside Eden lies a land that must be manually farmed for man to survive, so he is forced to work daily. Yet despite all his struggles, man is still accompanied by Eve, the being God created to be man's partner. With Eve, man faces the unknown world and together they begin the journey of the human race. Being expelled from paradise tests the mettle of man and slave, yet both survive in the end, stronger than ever. It is not uncommon for man to fantasize about returning to paradise. The thought of being relieved from constant work and suffering is a powerful one, although flawed. It is through suffering that man and slave come to realize their full potential, something they could not experience while being held on a leash by their ever-watchful masters. The strength man gains through these trials will allow his continual survival in a world that is far from the paradise he was expelled from. A return to paradise would be a return to ignorance, for man would be unable to advance himself in a world where no one suffers. It is time to leave Eden and Sweet Home behind once and for all, and marvel at the fact that man has survived long enough to create a civilization where most unde

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