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How the cell cycle and mitosis relates to cancer

Watch this short video that explains how the cell cycle and mitosis relates to cancer: Briefly describe something you learned from this video.
Then research one common chemotherapy drug. If you or someone you know have undergone chemotherapy,
consider researching a drug you/they received during treatment. Answer the following questions: How does
this drug work at a cellular level? Does it relate to the cell cycle/mitosis? If so, which phase is impacted?
Why does drugs that inhibit the cell cycle often have serious side effects? What are some of the side effects?
Does the side effects relate to mitosis?
Include all references in APA format.
Part II: Inheritance
Pick one dominant or recessive trait found in your family. Do a web-search for dominant/recessive human
traits, keep in mind that most of our traits are not controlled in a simple dominant/recessive manner.
Answer the following questions:
What is your phenotype for this trait?
What is your likely genotype for this trait?
What is your parents/siblings and/or (if you have) children’s phenotypes for this trait?
Show a likely/potential Punnett Square for this trait in your family.
If you are adopted or otherwise do not know the phenotype of one or both of your parents (or potential kids) for
this trait, you can make up an example.

Sample Solution

empires (circa AD 100). In such times women were perceived merely as a possessions, they had no rights what-so-ever, including those over their own bodies. Women “belonged” to their husbands, their masters, and there are an abundance of references to sexual violence and rape in historical literature including early authors such a Homer, Herodotus, Livy and Hebrew prophets. During conflicts and wars sexual violence was much more prevalent and alarmingly was professed to be just an ordinary occurrence during such troubled times and was in-effect simply accepted. Some five hundred years later, during the middle ages, very little seemed to have changed with regards to sexual abuse, harassment and violence. Women were still effectively viewed as the property of their husbands, so much so that they were, barbarically, not permitted to refuse to engage in sexual activities with their husbands. Ironically laws were passed to deter offenders from committing such crimes, however such wrong-doings were merely consider petty and insignificant, and ultimately very few cases progressed to court, leaving the perpetrators free to continue with their vile offences. Slowly and by the 19th century during The Victorian era changes began to happen. Although women were still considered the “weaker sex” the life of a woman in these times was still restrictive, invariably being expected to live their lives mainly around their husbands, houses and children. The class system played an important role in the direction a woman’s life would take. Five classes were essentially recognised during this era, these being: Nobility & Gentry: fundamentality the richest of society, living a life filled with luxuries, enjoying afternoon tea parties, lavish balls, delighting in activities such as horse rising and croquet. Such privileged women would also be well educated and act as role models for the younger generations of the same standing.

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