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How theory guides social work practice

Discuss why the theory, chosen for the assignment in Unit 5, is useful to you in your social work practice.
Compare and contrast your selected theory with at least two other theories, explaining why the theory you selected is a better fit for your practice.
Explain how theory guides social work practice, including the areas of assessment, intervention, and evaluation.

Sample Solution

By separating the Macbeths from any kind of relationship of clinical mending and enrolling just bad linguistic structure inside their discourse Davenant is likewise illustrating, all the more unmistakably, the James I philosophy that a genuine King would display magic powers. A King, as per James I's True Lawe, would show the capacity of a holy person having the option to play out certain wonders. James more than once gets back to the possibility of the 'Ruler as a doctor [… ] discussing the King's one of a kind capacity to analyze and mend' (Alison Chapman. 'Benefactors and Patron Saints in Early Modern English', 2012. 88). This can likewise be perused figuratively as an idea that Kings can play out a feeling of recuperating yet politically inside the body politic as opposed to medicinally. They perform marvels by keeping up with the harmony and sacredness of the domain. Shakespeare appears to subvert this inside the first Macbeth as the main political marvel inside the play is when Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane as the witches prophesised. The courier comments that 'The wood started to move' (Shakespeare, 1992, 98) as each officer slices an enormous branch to conceal himself and the wood seems to be moving magically towards Dunsinane. This occasion isn't made by powerful organization from the witches but instead by crafted by the human fighters. This act attempts to fix the political universe of the play and accordingly Shakespeare celebrates the demonstration of mortal people for imparting political harmony inside the domain as opposed to that of the King. Davenant keeps up with this critical marvel inside his variation yet checks the dependence on the demonstrations of mortal men by likewise intensely expanding on the remembrance of the redemptive powers of genuine Kings all through his transformation. He anticipates that the peruser should make associations between the relationships of characters and its verifiable partner. He matches Duncan with Charles I, Malcolm his child with Charles II, and Macduff with General Monk. The expanded presence of the Macduff's inside Davenant's transformation assists with neutralizing the ethical evil of the Macbeths and show the shortfall of any figurative redemptive powers inside Macbeth's ethical person as James I's guessed that a genuine King would illustrate. They are set up as a 'rival family to the Macbeths' (Nancy Maguire, regicide and Restoration. 1992. 79) communicating ethically great characteristics while the Macbeths keep up with desire and ravenousness as ethically awful partners. The Macduff's turned into a portrayal of exemplary nature by avenging the passing of the legitimate lord and vanquishing the usurper. Davenant is apparently resembling the traditionalist development and utilizing his variation to approve the rebuilding of Charles II here. Lois Potter makes sense of that, 'Davenant not just grows the two jobs with which his onlookers were probably going to distinguish themselves yet stresses the hardships in their endeavor to keep up with their respectability in a shrewd world' (Secret Rites and Secret Writing, 1989. 205). In a scene made by Davenant inside Act III, Macduff and Lady Macduff recommend that Macbeth is behind the homicide of King Duncan:

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