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How to Engage All Stakeholders in Program Evaluation

Stakeholder involvement and buy-in is arguably one of the most important aspects of program evaluation. Without it, evaluation efforts will fall short of its goals as comprehensive data collection will be invalid, or even worse, unobtainable.
What can you do as a leader to not only engage all stakeholders, but to help them to understand the importance of their active involvement?
In this Discussion, you revisit the in-service training at Connor Street Early Childhood Program.
The stakeholder discussion had been a lively one, and by the end, Sabrina and her colleagues were able to use the unique traits of each stakeholder to create brief profiles:
Stakeholders Profiles
Teachers New to the formal evaluation process. Children’s academic and social-emotional developments are the primary drivers. Assessments and data collection are already taking up a lot time and there is much fear about how to juggle more evaluations.
Families Family dynamics have changed over the last few years with many new families moving into the area. English is the second language for many heads of the households. Kindergarten readiness and a safe place to play are the primary drivers. Almost all families work long days outside of the home.
Support Staff The home-based manager splits her time with three other programs in the community. She checks in with Connor Street’s home-school liaison once a week. Her primary concerns are the monthly averages of home visit numbers and length of time spent at homes.

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