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Hughes-Cromwick & Coronado’s (2019) article

Read Hughes-Cromwick & Coronado’s (2019) article on the value of economic data on business decisions. Summarize the findings of the article and locate 5 additional peer reviewed articles that provide industry examples of the value of economic data in their specific decisions.
Provide a summary and include a minimum of five new peer reviewed journal articles within 5 years.

discuss the themes that you found in the research from the 5 articles related to your topic. This paragraph should be a synthesis of the research and not just a listing of annotated summaries.

Sample Solution

And nowadays, in every environment where language learning is discussed, word teaching and learning have been mentioned, and this growing interest in this field has made word learning one of the most basic elements of language proficiency. Carter (1987) and Laufer (1986) also support this view and emphasize the significance of the work in this area, as \”the fact that the vocabulary is small for those who want to learn a foreign language is an important shortcoming\”. PART 3: WORD LEARNING IN ENGLISH In English, word learning that should be addressed before moving on to another important the subject is also \”the word\” concept. It is possible to see many different categories and different definitions of the word. Knowing that face us under the headings and categories of the word and the word which would be to have basic information about, to ensure the teaching of the word followed in the clearing of the roads is an important factor. Then in Word, under the various headings based on the identification and classification these classifications a general classification for the purpose of determination of the top titles to talk of vocabulary and Word will be useful. 3.1 Word Information In general, it is believed that knowing a word is equivalent to knowing the meaning of that word. However, word information is much more complex than that. That is to say, knowing the meaning of a word is not enough to know that word.Thornbury points out that, in the most general sense, the word structure and the semantic knowledge must begin with an examination of the word. It is not enough to know the meaning of any word alone. At the same time, the meaning of the word must also be known. If the meaning of any word is known, there is a need for other information. For example, is the concept mentioned in the meaning of the word or is it action or is it both? Here comes the conclusion that knowing the meaning of a word means knowing the grammatical task of that word. In addition, the multiple meanings of a word and word phrases that have different meanings when combined with arrays that comprise the es. In other words, mean to know a word, the dictionary meaning of that Word\’s not to say that just know, but also where other words are often used together so esdizim, yananlam, whether oral or written, belongs to language, and cultural background to know the properties belonging to it means. 3.1.1 Components Of Vocabulary Vocabulary associated with the components of Richards (1976), 8 from context is referring to: in a word, to know when and where which words would come together; the word which is suitable f

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