Human Development Leadership

Human Development Leadership

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• The rubric is for your information and is the grading guide for the paper and on LiveText? INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT.

Students will develop a plan for leadership utilizing groups. In your current/future career setting, design/develop a specific, concrete, workable plan for utilizing groups. ?Include the following:
1) Introduction: description of the career setting for which this is designed.
2) Justification of utilization of a group in this setting for the designed purpose listed (5 research articles included about best practices related to leadership and group – there is a Library Guide link on this course site or search scholarly articles on Google or Yahoo).
3) Your specific plan: Include the group theory or theories utilized, and how you would organize this group (structure, background factor considerations, your leadership/followership style, stages of development such as how you would structure the “forming” stage of the group, decision making approaches, etc. what you need to consider as you begin this group.
4) A personal reflection about what you learned from the development of this application project. The paper will be 7-9 pages. Design a plan that could be utilized by you or by an entity in your current/future career setting. These common assignments will be your review/study document for the comprehensive exam. Based on the text and what you have learned in class, what would be the essential elements of information (EEI) from this course? I recommend including those components in this common assignment for your future reference and review.?This is an individual and practical application of the group development information, is designed to be practical and applicable in the particular career setting, and is a personal development approach to the leadership component of the Human Development and Leadership master’s program. Utilize the ideas you learned across the semester.


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