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Human developments

Someone would have to go into my canvas and do the work and replay to two other students. Here are the options for the work: Option 1 Is it Nature or Nurture? What is the Nature Vs. Nurture debate as described in your textbook? Is development mostly nuture or is it nature? Give your opinion based upon research cited in your textbook and research for yourself using the Internet or other resources and then state your opinion on this debate.

Option 2: View the documentary, “The Secret Life of Twins: Natural Similarities” which is available on page 2.7 before this discussion forum.

Prompts: What is the difference between fraternal and identical twins? Are identical twins completely identical? Why or why not according to the film? Give us your brief summary of the important aspects of this film.

Option 3: View the documentary, “Assume Nothing.” Which is also on page 2.7 of this module.

Describe the biological phenomenon of one being an intersex individual versus a transexual individual?

What new information did you receive from watching this film? What impressed you most about this film? Do you believe that sex assignment should be given after the birth of a child or later such as in adolescence when the child is born with ambiguous genitalia? What is your personal reaction to the struggles of intersex individuals?

Sample Solution

g systems failure Training systems failure is evident when there is a misalignment between the skills that young people possess relative to the skills required by expanding sectors. In most instances, poor information leads to a poor understanding of the skills required by the economy. Further, where this understanding does exist, financing studies to attain those skills is yet another hurdle that must be surpassed. The poor alignment between the outcomes of the education system and the needs of the economy and in particular industry, creates a mismatch between the demand and supply of labour (Bell & Blanchflower, 2010) argue that employers consider entry level wages to be too high relative to the risk of hiring inexperienced workers. 7.6 Labour regulation failure Labour regulation can reinforce the impenetrability of the labour market for young people by creating high entry barriers. Economists suggest that when there is overall low economic growth and a subdued investment rate, wage rates become the prime suspect responsible for unemployment. At this heart of this debate is the undeniable fact that the relationship between productivity and the cost of labour is a strong factor for employers when deciding whether to take on more workers or not (Bell & Blanchflower, 2010). In a working paper published by the IMF, Blumenfeld (2012) looks at the reasons behind South Africa’s high job hemorrhage between and 2010, draws the following conclusions: there is a weak relationship between real wages and labour productivity in South Africa. In other words; real wage growth in South Africa is driven less by productivity levels and more by ‘other factors that delink it from labor market conditions.’ More so, the South African situation has been characterized by real wage growth that has outpaced labour-productivity growth. It is the manifestation of the above relationship that led to South Africa shedding an excessive amount of jobs, almost 25%, during the economic low down of 2008 to 2010. The paper concludes that amongst other factors, entry restrictions, employment protection legislation, and the collective bargaining framework all contribute to the misalignment between real wages and labour productivity (Blumenfeld 2012). Therefore, it can be inferred that the same fate falls onto young people when they are effectively priced out of the market because of labour legislation. When the cost of labour is perceived to be too high because the immediate effect is a regression in the pace of job recreation.

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