Human Resorce Performance Appraisal

Human Resorce Performance Appraisal

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Because this essay is based on my Skype interview with Human Resource Manager so please put all the information from the the file uploaded to this essay. This essay need to have introduction and conclusion. About the first answer in the file i upload, dont need to talk much, say an overall but concentrate to describe the rest answer.

1.    Could you please tell me the overall view about your company? And your position?
M-Talent is one of the pioneers in human resources consulting services in Vietnam with more than 23 years of experiences (since 1991). The company was formerly the Talent Management Division of Maritime Bank. In 2012, M-Talent was separated from the Bank and has seized the opportunities to develop in wider environment.
M-Talent is offering full ranges of HR services with nearly 100 experts and consultants having deep expertise in organization development, policies development, human resources management, compensation & benefits, performance management, training and development, and HR audit etc. Moreover, the company is also providing outsourcing service to many organizations in Vietnam with more than 1,200 employees of different levels.
M-Talent has been providing monthly human resources packages for about 80 companies, organizations, corporations and 2 big local Banks as well as offering ordered services for other Clients.
The revenue of the company in 2012 is USD 2 millions, in 2013 is USD 4.5 millions and it is expected to rise to USD 5 millions in the year 2014.
Yes, I am Deputy General Director of HR

2.    What kinds of performance appraisal does your company have?
–    Completion of probationary period
–    Every six month performance period
–    Completion of term of appointment (6 months, 12, 24 or 36 months)

3.    How often do you have employee performance appraisal review per year?
–    Twice per year

4.    What kind of appraisal method does your company use?
–    We use “management by objectives”, KPI and forced distribution methods:
+ MBO means setting specific measurable goals with each employee
+ KPI means Key Performance indicators which are objectives to be targeted that will add the most value to the business
+ Forced distribution method means predetermined percentages of rates are placed in various performance categories.

5.    Who do the appraising? By immediate supervisor, rating committees, self rating, subordinate or 360 degree feedback?
–    We use 360 degree method as it is very good and fair appraisal, we send the appraisal form to the employee, immediate supervisor, colleagues, big boss, partners and clients.
–    We use online survey

6.    What are appraising performance problems you deal with?
–    Unclear performance standards: too open to interpretation
–    Halo effect: Based on one trait bias and apply to other traits
–    Central tendency: Rate all employees the same way, such as all average
–    Strictness/leniency: Tendency to rate all subordinates either high or low
–    Bias: Allow individual differences such as age, race, sex to affect the appraisal rates

7.    How to conduct an appraisal interview?
–    Be direct and specific
–    Don’t get personal
–    Encourage the person to talk
–    Don’t tiptoe around

8.    What are the questions you give to the employees during the appraisal?
a.    What do you see as the top opportunities for the company to increase our organizational performance?
b.    What are your major achievement over the past 6 months or this year?
c.    What do you think prevented you from achieving what you set out to achieve this year?
d.    What support do you feel require in your role?
e.    What additional knowledge or skills would make you more effective in this role?
f.    What questions do you have for me as it relates to your goals and objectives for the next 6 months?


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