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long lasting feelings of misery and a loss of interest in many aspects of life which can negatively change someone’s thinking, feelings, as well as their social behavior. Depression is commonly referred to as the “common cold of mental disorders” which means that nearly everyone will be indirectly or directly affected by depression in their life. Between the ages of 15 and 30 is when depression can begin to affect someone, however women are about twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Women’s hormones are the largest reason as to why depression is more prevalent in women than men. Due to women’s menstrual cycles being linked to mood disorders, it points to a relationship between female sex hormones and mood. Despite menopause being deemed as a time when depression risk declines for women, the perimenopausal period is when there is an increased risk of depression for women who have a history of depression. In addition to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder there are several other types of depression. Examples include Major Depression, Psychotic Depression, and Dysthymia. One of the most severe types of depression is Major Depression, which is a change in mood that typically lasts for weeks or months. Another severe form of depression is known as Psychotic Depression. Psychotic Depression is associated with hallucinations and delusions, which are false feelings and visions. Unlike Major Depression, Dysthymia, also known as Chronic Depression, is a less severe form but lasts for several years. In summary, depression is a mental illness more common amongst women than men and can have very negative effects on a person’s life. There are some people in this world who hardly ever feel blue and others who fold at the slightest hint of misfortune. Have you ever speculated as to why some people get depressed, but others do not? Depression results from a combination of genetic vulnerability, recent and long-term events, and environmental elements. Everyone is different meaning people will suffer from a different combination of factors that contribute to developing depression. Continuing difficulties that can result in depression include long-term unemployment, enduring an abusive or uncaring relationship, long periods of loneliness, and prolonged stress due to work. These difficulties are more likely to cause an individual to suffer from depression than recent life events. With that being said, it is possible for recent events to trigger the development of depression if it runs in your family or have a history of bad experiences with depression. There are common risk factors for developing depression that can make an individual more susceptible to depression, including genetics, hormones, stress, pain and illness, sexuality, childhood trauma, loss of a family member, and drug abuse. The biggest and most common risk for depression is genetics, or family history. Relatives with a history of depression, alcoholism, suicide, or bipolar disorder are conditions that can be passed down from generation to generation. However, having a parent that suffers from depression does not mean you will have a similar experience with depression. The second common risk for depression is hormones because there are certain changes that can happen to a females hormonal balance that can result in a women becoming depressed. For example, women endure significant hormonal changes during pregnancy

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