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What is meant by the word “Igneous”?
What type of rock is Mt Rushmore carved into?
Name two igneous rocks formed below the earth’s surface
What is the main difference between magma and lava?
What igneous rock floats on water? (You may have to look this one up)
Which Igneous rock is called volcanic glass?
What is obsidian used for today? (2 different uses)
List 4 extrusive igneous rocks. These rocks will be found near what geologic structures?
Looking at igneous rocks- what could you observe that would help you know if it is an extrusive or an intrusive igneous rock?
What igneous rock is the most abundant and why – what makes it so abundant (think about this before you answer- extra credit given for a good thoughtful answer- copying something off of google won’t count- I want your own words)

Sample Solution

tegically sensitive region in the world. However, the long-term implications of intervention were not addressed, and no post-conflict resolution of any form was proposed. This is where I would conclude and state the intervention was primarily a failure, rather than a success. A more holistic approach to the crisis should have been proposed and enacted and all possibilities, including that of regime change, should have been addressed. For the indigenous population, they were victims of brutal attacks from rebels within their country and NATO forces from above. The actions of NATO may be compared in the future to that of the Nazi-led Condor Legion, whose methods of strategic bombings led to the mass deaths of civilians. As well as this, it is clear that the intervention did not remain in the strict parameter of protecting Benghazi and NATO was in violation of UN Resolution 1973 by engaging Gaddafi’s forces in Tripoli. What the Libya intervention highlighted clearly was that foreign intervention not only corrupts the essence of sovereignty, it fails to protect lives or provide the necessary infrastructure for re-development and stability. Ignoring the obvious moral ambiguity surrounding the intervention, another element of failure is the fact that the events in 2011 further consolidated the mistrust for Western intervention and aid. This will make any future humanitarian crises much more difficult to combat via international bodies and civilians will have to rely on the constitutional frameworks of their countries. Another manner of assessing the failure or success of the intervention lies in the assessment of the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine and how well it was fulfilled. The assessment on the question of the legitimacy of the intervention has shown that it was indeed a justifiable resolution as Gaddafi, on several occasions, stated clear disregard for Libyan civilians. (Garner, Ferdinand, & Lawson, 2016). Furthermore, R2P works on the basis that the intervention should have a ‘reasonable chance of successfully meeting the threat in question’ (United Nations, 2005) and this was indeed the case for Libya. However, the proportionality of means to archive the goal was exceeded by NATO forces and this can create questions upon the legitimacy of the intervention. As well as this, although the Responsibility to Protect doctrine does not include rebuilding and resolution as its key components, the goal for a legitimate humanitarian intervention would be to instil a stable security apparatus in order to consolidate the protection of civilians. But, in the case of Libya, the state was left in chaos and the initial threat to civilian life was only replaced with a different one.

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