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Immigration Letter

I need help writing a letter to the US Immigration. This letter will need to explain why it would be a hardship on my friend (juan) if my friends wife (Gloria) is sent back to Mexico. Juan owns a local and successful tattoo parlor in the Hudson Valley NY area and has worked, lived, had a family with Gloria and been married over 10 years.

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normalized selection tests were utilized by the different projects (Crow, 2004). Grzegorczyk's (1994) cross country study included LVN understudies signed up for five distinct ADN programs situated in five unique states. The ADN programs were not haphazardly chosen however were picked on the grounds that they were individuals from the National Alliance of Community and Technical Colleges. The indicators of accomplishment for LVNs signed up for partner degree nursing programs were explored in this review. Progress in this study was characterized by two result measures: ADN program fruition, and NCLEX-RN achievement. The review endeavored to decide the achievement measures by posing three inquiries. Results from the review presumed that length of LVN work insight and kind of LVN work insight (intense consideration experience) was the main understudy trademark and affirmations measures to anticipated program consummation and licensure achievement. ADN program that anticipated accomplishment among LVN understudies included number of full-time staff, program spending plan, NLN authorization. No institutional trademark anticipated accomplishment among LVN understudies. Discoveries of the review drove Grzegorczyk to declare that confirmations rules didn't foresee LVN-to-RN achievement or finish rates, however rather filled in as a boundary to LVN progress in ADN programs (Grzegorczyk's, 1994). Sayles (2003) directed a review to decide whether a relationship existed between scores on normalized tests and first-endeavor accomplishment on the NCLEX-RN. The normalized tests inspected were the NET and the PreRN test. The NET test was taken by understudies upon admission to the nursing program, while the PreRN test was finished during the last semester of the nursing program, prior to taking the NCLEX-RN. The NET gives an extensive variety of data on the test taker including math and ability to understand and profiling data like learning styles and the level and kinds of stressors of the test taker. Information got included NCLEX-RN results, segment information, ACT and GED scores, program affirmation GPA, generally nursing GPA and number of RN courses rehashed while signed up for the program. Discoveries from the review uncovered that minority understudies were not as fruitful on the NCLEX-RN. Different results got from the review were that individual (math and perusing) and composite NET scores, notwithstanding composite PreRN assessment scores were all indicators of NCLEX-RN achievement. Further, higher program confirmation and generally speaking nursing school GPAs were found to bring about an improved probability of NCLEX-RN achievement (Sayles, 2003). Seldomridge and DiBartolo (2004) endeavored to distinguish indicators of NCLEX-RN achievement and disappointment at different places in a nursing program. Information were acquired by investigating understudy records and NCLEX-RN report. Autonomous factors included essential nursing affirmations models factors, aggregate GPA in junior year and number of 'C' grades in senior year. Course grade in Pathophysiology was the just pre-confirmations models to create measurably critical outcomes. These factors anticipated NCLEX-RN achievement 98.7% of the time, and disappointment 5.6%. Understudies who were fruitless on the NCLEX-RN were noted to have two times as many 'C' grades in junior level nursing courses. Nonetheless, the extensive leave test, the National League of Nursing Comprehensive Achievement Test for Baccalaureate Students (NLNCATBS) given to seniors was the most reliable generally speaking indicator of NCLEX-RN achievement and disappointment rates. Execution on the NLNCATBS test anticipated NCLEX-RN achievement 94.7% and disappointment 25% of the time. NCLEX-RN disappointment was more challenging to foresee and by and large less precisely anticipated (Seldomridge and DiBartolo, 2004). McGahee (2010) at first analyzed nine scholastic factors to decide whether these factors were indicators of first-endeavor NCLEX-RN achievement. Starting information assortment prompted changes in the projects educational plan and confirmation strategy and as workforce noted patterns normal to understudies who were fruitless on the NCLEX-RN. In 2007, changes were additionally made to the review's procedure. Rather than nine free factors, the review smoothed out the autonomous factors to three. Discoveries of the review demonstrated outcome in Pathophysiology, the Theoretical Foundations course and scores on RN Assessment Test were all singular indicators of first-endeavor NCLEX-RN achievement. In any case, blends of the three free factors expanded their prescient ability to decide NCLEX-RN first-endeavor. The joined impacts of the RN Assessment Test score and the Pathophysiology course brought about the most grounded indicator of NCLEX-RN achievement. Further, pre-imperative science GPA when joined with any of the other free factors was a measurably huge indicator of first-endeavor NCLEX-RN achievement (McGahee, 2010). Lynton and Thomas (1980) concentrated on endeavors to assemble college populace programs and distinguished fundamental aspects that prompted a foundation building hypothesis and association climate symptomatic structure. Three vital factors to be incorporated inside the system are the idea of the climate, interior design and cycles, like in

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