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Implications of an Evidence-Based Project

Implications of an Evidence-Based Project Following the implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based project, it is critical to examine the overarching implications of the findings. In some instances, you may be surprised to discover an implication you had not anticipated. When that is the case, what do you do with the information? Consider the following example: An intervention is implemented that, according to the evidence, should give critical care nurses greater access to relevant, high-quality patient data. The intervention uses newly developed monitors to provide an abundance of data on patients’ vital signs. The monitors perform the desired function, but the findings reveal that nurses are encountering a high number of false alarms and they feel stressed by various challenges related to the monitors. For the DNP-prepared nurse, this situation should attract careful attention and raise questions of what to do in response. In this Discussion, you and your colleagues address the implications of evidence-based projects, including those implications that may have been unexpected. This form of deep analysis is essential for promoting practice changes that are beneficial and sustainable. To prepare: Consider the outcomes of your project or other evidence-based projects with which you have been involved. Were your findings as anticipated? What unexpected outcomes, if any, arose? Apply the concepts you have studied in previous courses to the data you gathered for your project or for other evidence-based projects. Consider social, political, technological, and financial factors as well as factors related to quality and your area of specialty. How does your analysis of the project outcomes inform the discussion and implications of your project? What impact could your findings have as they ripple out through multiple systems? Have you identified any ethical implications that require attention? If so, what are they? By Day 3 of Week 6 Post a cohesive response that addresses the following: Discuss the implications of your project outcomes or the outcomes of other evidence-based practice projects. Integrate concepts from previous courses to explain the significance of your findings, and be sure to address ethical implications. Week 6 & 7: Implications of an Evidence-Based Project Imagine a still pond. Then visualize a pebble being dropped into the water. The effects of an evidence-based project can ripple through the interconnected systems of a practice setting and the larger health care environment much like the dispersing rings of shimmering water after a pebble has dropped through i​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​ts surface

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hina has occupied part of Paracel islands since the 1950s and has controlled the entire Paracel archipelago since 1974 (Maritime Awareness Project 2019). More recently, China has expanded its 20 outposts in the Paracels through land reclamation. Contrary to official narratives, reclamation has increased the size of Tree Island and has rebuilt a part of land bridge between North Island and Middle Island that had been destroyed by Typhoon Sarika in October 2016. As well as continuing land reclamation in the Paracels, China also continues to upgrade its military infrastructure on the island chain. Duncan Island, Woody Island and Tree Island now have protected harbours that can host significant numbers of naval or civilian vessel (see Figure 2). Four smaller harbours have also been constructed on Lincoln, Money, Pattle and Triton islands, including a fifth that is being built on Drummond Island. The air capabilities such as helipads and helicopter bases that exist on multiple islands as well as airstrips, hangars and deployment of HQ-9 surface to air missile batteries on Woody Island show that China is committed to power projection in the region (AMTI 2017). Lying just over 200 nautical miles off Hainan Island, China’s presence in the Paracels is a significant source of tension with contesting claimant, Vietnam. Having once been occupied by both countries, clashes between Chinese and Vietnamese forces in the 1974 resulted in China gaining control of the islands (Maritime Awareness Project 2019). Today, of the claimant countries, Vietnam has been the least swayed by Chinese influence, and came closest to calling on both China and the Philippines to abide by the tribunal ruling (Storey 2016). With neither side offering each other diplomatic niceties, both countries remain in sharp conflict with one another over the islands. The long-term Chinese occupation of the Paracel islands has result

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