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Important in communicating and advocating for health and health education

From the Responsibilities and Competencies for a Health Education Specialist, Responsibility VII states: Communicate, Promote, and Advocate for​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​ Health, Health Education/Promotion, and the Profession. Competency 7.2 states: Engage in advocacy for health and health education/promotion. Sub-Competency 7.2.1- Identify current and emerging issues requiring advocacy (NCHEC, 2017). Discuss why Sub-Competency 7.2.1 is important in communicating and advocating for health and health education. If needed provide examples to clarify your viewpoints.

Sample Solution

perceiving youngsters as 'knowing subjects' and recognizing their skill with the need to guarantee their security. The comprehension of youngsters' points of view is significant as these will vary from the records that depend on what grown-ups accept kids think. As Harding (1996) says, 'genuine individual youngsters and their lives, sentiments and encounters are a certain something, while (grown-up) ideas, developments, portrayals, discernments, perspectives, without a doubt generalizations, concerning youth (and its different-ness) are another.' There has been a lot of media interest and strategy choices made which have been fixated nearby kids and youngsters, especially during this long period (Narvanen and Nasman, 2004, Lloyd-Smith, M. what's more, Tarr, J. 2000). It would be normal that from this we would get more prominent comprehension and lucidity, but it appears to have additionally combined the limits and confounded the classes. The essential definition and class of young life has not been laid out or even concurred, and the cycles that shape kids in anticipation of adulthood are not characterized. This might be on the grounds that explanation of young life as an unequivocal transformative phase is unimaginable. (Hallet, C and Prout, A. 2003). This exploration is fundamentally focusing on the individual builds and individual records of youngsters' perspectives and reflections on their own experience growing up, if without a doubt that is the means by which they decide to characterize them. The exploration researches how kids see and build their place inside society, on the grounds that as grown-ups we appear to develop youth as a different and unmistakable substance to adulthood (James and Prout 1997). However as Prout (2003) states, there is likewise the rise of acknowledgment that youngsters and grown-ups are limited by a shared reliance, and we are starting to see the value in the commitment that kids make in both the social and financial regions, 'Anything the degree of buy in the public eye makes, without the dynamic cooperation of youngsters there will be no friendly future.' (Prout, 2003. P20). Social Constructionism Burr (1995) distinguishes a vital number of systems that assists with making sense of the hypothesis of experience growing up just like a social development. Right off the bat a, 'basic position towards underestimated information', in which we take a basic position on the generally characterized speculations by addressing them. Furthermore, 'Verifiable and social particularity', meaning we really want to get a handle on current experience and issues by utilizing social, authentic and social relativity. Thirdly that 'information is supported by friendly cycles'; makes sense of the manner by which we view the world is formed by implications we append to the collaborations between individuals we experience. In conclusion that 'information and social activity go together', this point of view permits us to take a gander at responsibility and who is eventually liable for the discernment, society or the person. Prout, (2003), attests that the most sufficient approach to addressing adolescence is by survey youngsters as friendly people, he does this to figure out their situations from inside contemporary society. Organizing of the youth experience is addressed in 'stages and contents' that are liable for creating the fundamental inquiries concerning their surroundings. There is by all accounts a lot of logical inconsistency and variety in the public eye with regards to the particular freedoms of youngsters, for example, the time of assent for sex, periods of responsibility, and the varying legitimate ages applied to the acquisition

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