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Incivility and Healthful Environments

Reflect on an experience in which you were directly involved or witnessed incivility in the workplace. Provide a brief synopsis of the situation. How did this make you feel? How did you respond? What were the consequences of this situation? Provide an example of how this negatively affected the work environment and outcomes. How could the situation have been prevented? Discuss strategies that would support a healthy work environment.

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counties. Apart from the legislative role, this arm of government also has an oversight role over the other arms and has various mechanisms of checking the actions of the national and county governments (The Attorney General 2012). The mandate of the Judiciary is to interpret the Constitution and uphold the rule of law in the country. The Judiciary has been checking other arms of governments, particularly when their actions are in violation of the constitution (The Attorney General 2012). On top of the three arms, there exists a devolved system of governance made of 47 counties. The counties are governed through an executive constituting of a governor and a team of county executive officers. There is also a county assembly that is the legislative arm of the county and also plays an oversight role over the executive (Lakin and Kinuthia 2013). The main objective of devolution is to bring services closer to the people and enhance equality in sharing of resources. This method of promoting equality is quite different from the one learned in our tutorial. In the tutorial, taxation was discussed as a method of bridging the income gaps in a country by redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor. In the Kenyan case, devolution is being used to make sure the poor in the rural areas also have access to public services. Apart from bringing equality across the various regions of the country, devolution is aimed at opening economic opportunities to poor people in the rural areas and eventually bridge the income differences. Kenya faced serious governance issues in periods before 2003. The political crop had failed to focus on developing the economy and providing services to the common citizens and the economy was headed to a halt (Anderson 2002). The status of the country at that time mirrored the autocratic leadership we discussed in lecture six. The qualities of autocracy identified in our study ranging from lack of checks and balances within government, oppression of the civil society and the media and non-participatory policy making were quite evident at th

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