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Integrating principles of leadership and management

You were recently promoted to the position of Director of the Medical Surgical unit at your local hospital. You just finished meeting with a group of Directors who were discussing the Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) rates. Your unit’s CAUTI rate has not decreased since the implementation of a new policy over a year ago. Financial repercussions of the high CAUTI rate cannot continue. You have been given the task of reviewing the policy and creating a SWOT Analysis, offering recommendations for change.

Choose strengths/positive aspects of the policy, including regulatory guidelines.
Support choice of strengths with current literature.
W: Weaknesses of policy
Choose weaknesses/concerns of the policy related to regulatory guidelines.
Include weaknesses/concerns of the policy related to financial guidelines.
Support choice of weaknesses with current literature.
O: Opportunities
Include opportunities for growth or improvement of the policy.
Include perceived opportunities for financial, legal, ethical, quality and safety.
Support choice of opportunities with current literature.
T: Threats
Include perceived threats to financial, legal, ethical, quality and safety.
Support choice of threats with current literature.
Propose clearly stated and concise recommendations for change.
Include descriptions of necessary actions.
Use evidence to support your recommendations.

Sample Solution

he meaning behind this quotation is that although a fair appearance may hide a foul heart, and one who looks like an angel may be a devil that does not mean that every angel is a devil. As well as although the foul want to look fair, the fair will still look fair, and it remains unfair to the fair to assume the fair of being foul. Although quite confusing Malcolm makes a revolutionary revelation. Macbeth was considered a hero in the beginning of Macbeth as he saved not only Scotland but also King Duncan, who was a great friend. There was no reason to assume that he was behind the murder because he seemed fair but underneath that exterior lies a foul power hungry heart. This fair and foul imagery represents the theme of disorder as it shows that the ones least expected have become the most expected; they have been switched around. Which mirrors how the natural order has been also switched around as chaos has made make its way to the top, by of course Macbeth, the least expected. Overall, imagery such as blood, light/dark, animals/weather and fair/foul all contribute to the theme of disorder. Blood imagery represents the guilt felt by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth for their faults of killing Duncan and starting the cycle of unnatural events to occur. Light/dark imagery showcases the good and evil of Macbeth, it represents that anytime something that has the potential to disrupt or fracture the natural order night and darkness occurs while light represents resolution and proper order. The animal and weather imagery is used to show the after effects to nature due to the disorder created by Macbeth. And lastly fair/foul foreshadows and describes people who are seen as good will be turned to evil (like Macbeth) as well as situations that are seen as good will turn out badly which overall symbolizes the events that cause the disorder itself. To come to an end it is easy to recognize the faults of the characters in Macbeth and understand the travesty of the actions and with saying that one thing learned from reading Macbeth is that it remains vital to “Take preventive action before things happen. Establish order before disorder has begun.” (Laozi).

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