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ability to retell a story varied pretty significantly in this classroom in terms of relaying key details and vocabulary knowledge. For two of my struggling readers, the task of retelling a story using appropriate transition words was difficult. These students needed prompts to appropriately sequence the events of the book. These students left out many key details when retelling the events of the story and had trouble remembering some characters names, such as Lisa and the Night Watchman. Level B-D students (the majority of the class) were able to use transition words appropriately and were able to sequence events correctly most of the time, although some students did struggle and need teacher prompting. Level B students were able to sequence the order of events but left out many key details when retelling the story. In order for students to be able to correctly retell a story, they were required to sequence the four main events using the terms first, next, then and last. Though almost all of the class did this, many students left of important information to the story. Students generally left out information pertaining to “when” the story occurred, and “where” it occurred. In all 3 of my Focus Student’s written assessments, they demonstrated their ability to use their chosen scene’s required language use of the word “first.” In this assessment, students were tasked with using the appropriate sequencing word and sentence to match the scene of the picture. Students were asked to provide appropriate details in relation to the scene, demonstrating their knowledge and language use of the terms “who, what, when, and where.” Students were able to successfully utilize the vocabulary and key phrases required of the learning segment. Students were able to demonstrate understanding of the terms first, next, then and last. Students demonstrated understanding of how to retell as I asked the class what words we use when we use this language function and several students raised their hands to answer: first, next, then and last. As a class, we thoroughly discussed these terms. Students were also required to have an understanding of the terms who, what, when and where in relation to a story. During the learning segment, all of these aspects of the book were discussed. Focus Student 1 demonstrated their knowledge of “who” and “what” in their writing: “First Lisas waated to buy Corduroy.” (First, Lisa wanted to buy Corduroy.) Focus Student 3 demonstrated their knowledge of “who,” “where,” and “what” in their writing: “In the first part of the story lisa wanted to buy

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