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International Financial Management

Question 1 (20 marks)
Gaggle is a U.S. based firm with operations across Europe. The firm expects to pay €20mil in 90
days. As the head of the risk management department, you need to hedge against the € exposure.
The European prevailing interest rate is 2% p.a., while that of the U.S. is 3% p.a.. The current spot
rate of the € is $1.2. The 90-day forward price is $1.15/€. The 90-day European call option on the
$ with the exercise price of €0.85 is selling at 3% premium. The 90-day European put option on the
$ with the exercise price of €0.87 is selling at 2% premium.
A) What is the dollar cost of using a forward hedge? Make sure you state your position in the
forward contract. (4 marks)
B) What is the cost if you decided to use money markets to hedge against the $XX of payable
in 90 days?
(6 marks)
C) What is the cost of an option hedge at the time the payment is due assuming you exercise
the option when the payment is due. (6 marks)
D) Based on the answers in (a), (b), and (c), which hedging methods should your firm choose?
(4 marks)
Semester One Final Examinations, 2021 FINM7406 International Financial Management
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Question 2 (15 marks)
You work for a large bank which provides funding for a number of firms across Europe.
Gauging the funding demand from clients, you have identified some interest-rate swap opportunities
that could potentially lower their borrowing costs. The following table provides information about
the funding costs for two of your clients ABC and TLP:
Fixed-Rate Variable-Rate
ABC 12% LIBOR + 2%
TLP 13.5% LIBOR + 2.5%
While ABC prefers to borrow in the variable-rate market, TLP’s preference is to borrow in the
fixed-rate market. You propose an interest-rate swap deal to your clients. ABC is particularly
unimpressed with your proposal. They argue that an interest rate swap with TLP is a disaster and
only benefits TPL because ABC can borrow at both fixed and variable debt at more attractive
rates than TLP.
A) Explain to ABC why they might benefit from the swap. Make sure that your explanation
includes the discussion about the absolute and comparative advantages and the potential
savings from the interest rate swap deal? (5 marks)
B) Now show both clients that the interest rate swap will work by completing the diagram
below with the following assumptions: 1) ABC will have 50% of the potential savings, and
TLP will receive the rest 2) To maintain long-term relationship with both clients, the bank
will not receive any commission from the current swap. Not that you can have multiple
correct answers. (10 marks)
™ LIBOR (floating rate) must be used in the transaction between ABC and TLP companies i.e.
either transaction (iii) or (iv).


Semester One Final Examinations, 2021 FINM7406 International Financial Management
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Question 3 (15 marks)
Seeking Beta is an investment asset manager based in China. Recognizing Australia as a
potential market for diversification, the fund invested RMB100 mil to buy Australian shares two
years ago. The exchange rate was RMB7.00/AUD. The Australian equity market performed well
since then from 5000 to 7000 points. The current exchange rate is RMB5.00/AUD. The fund exited
the position to capitalise that gain. They sold the Australian shares at 7000 points.
A) Determine the percentage return from this investment in Australian dollars. Show all
workings. (4 marks)
B) Compute the rate of return on your investment in RMB terms. Show all workings.
(6 marks)
C) What are channels that contribute to your investment risk? (Hint: Think about the
variance of your investment) (5 marks)
Semester One Final Examinations, 2021 FINM7406 International Financial Management
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Question 4 (15 marks)
ABC Ltd. considers to issue $100mil debts to fund a potential acquisition of DEF Ltd..
ABC decides to hire Macquarie Bank as their lead underwriter. Macquarie Bank proposes three
a. ABC can raise the capital in the Australian domestic bond market. The coupon rate is 5% p.a..
The coupon is paid semi-annually. The bond will mature in 3 years. The underwriting fees is
0.85% of the issue size.
b. Alternatively, ABC can tap into the Eurobond market. The Euro-bonds also have three years
to maturity. The annual coupon payment is slightly higher at 5.25% p.a. Macquarie has a
reputation in this market so the underwriting fees is lower at 0.65%.
c. Finally, ABC can issue two-year Dim-Sum bonds in China with a coupon rate of 5.5% paid
annually. The underwriting fee is 0.75%.
Based on All-in cost method, which bond should ABC Ltd. choose? (15 marks)
Semester One Final Examinations, 2021 FINM7406 International Financial Management
Page 9 of 10
Question 5 (25 marks)
Textla Ltd. (TXLA), an Australian firm, wishes to expand its electric car operations to East
Asia as fierce competition has significantly affect demands across Europe. They plan to enter the
East Asia markets through Malaysia. The plant expansion cost is RM 80mil which must be
immediately expended. Moreover, TXLA would have to fund additional working capital of RM
5mil at the time of the expansion. Further investment in net working capital would be RM 5mil,
RM 8mil, and RM 10mil in year 1, 2, and 3 respectively. TXLA will depreciate the plant at a rate
of RM 4mil per year (starting in year 1) and will have to fund additional capital expenditures of RM
8mil per year to maintain and improve the plant. Although the project is assumed to have an infinite
life, cash-flows are only projected up to three years and the terminal value of the project is computed
based on the year 3 free cash-flow (FCF) assuming a growth rate that equals the Malaysian longrun GDP growth rate. The Earnings before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation
(EBITDA) are projected to be $35mil, $45mil, and $55mil for year 1, year 2, and year 3,
All taxes are paid in Malaysia in the year the income is earned. Tax treaties are in effect so
that TXLA will have no tax obligations to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The following
information applies to the valuation.
Malaysia Australia
Price Inflation 2.00% 3.00%
Annual return on government bonds 2.00% 4.00%
Corporate tax rate 30.00% 40.00%
Equity market risk premium AUD 5.00%
Spot rate-S(AUD/RM) 0.2
Before tax cost of debt 6.00%
Debt-to-value ratio (D/V) 0.3
Systematic risk (beta) 1.2
Malaysian long-run GDP growth rate 3.00%
WACC 12.80%
A) Calculate the cost of capital, in Australia, for the project. (4 marks)
B) Calculate the forward exchange rates, F1(AUD/RM) through F3(AUD/RM), for the years 1,
2, and 3 based on the spot rate and the interest rates given in the question. (round to 5
decimal places) (3 marks)
C) Calculate the Free of Cash Flows of the project in RM from year 1 to year 3.
(7 marks)
Semester One Final Examinations, 2021 FINM7406 International Financial Management
Page 10 of 10
D) What is the terminal value as of year 3? Use a perpetuity formula, the Free Cash Flows in
RM for year 3, and the Malaysian growth rate assumption given in the question. Assume
the appropriate discount rate is WACC. (3 marks)
E) Calculate the AUD value of FCF for the years 0, 1, 2 and 3 and the terminal value using the
forward rates calculated in (b). (5 marks)
F) What is the NPV of the project from TXLA’s perceptive (in AUD)? Should TXLA expand
into the Asian market? (3 marks)

Sample Solution

GCSE War Poem Tunes of GCSE war "Light Battle" and "Fall Battle" are on the whole sonnets about war. Alfred Tennyson's "Light Brigade's Accusation" composed on fourteenth November 1854 clarifies one thing in the Crimean war. England and France are stressed that Russia will move south, so assaulted Russia in Balaclava. During the war in September 1914, Lawrence Bingyan expressed "for fall", yet received a one-sided disposition that shows positive and negative outcomes, specifically. . It is a nation. How about we see the necessities of GCSE's English writing. Understudies need to recall the "significant substance" of the 15 books of various lengths and various books, Shakespeare plays (the significant thing is doublespeak). With in any event fiction and show, you realize that you will be controlled - in verse, 13 of the 15 sonnets you recall won't show up in your theory. Pick two refrains as tests, analyze them, and request that the understudies connect them to a particular point Clarify how the uncommon attributes of at any rate two works in Wilfred Owen's sonnets influence one another and impact their responses. The center highlights of Wilfred Owen's war verse incorporate misuse of war, fear of war, and the physical impact of war. These highlights can be found in Owen's correspondence with perusers, verse 'Darce and Decolm Est' pulling in perusers' feelings to officers and 'Destiny to youth of fate'. These sonnets collaborate and investigate understanding "Maryal Mountain in this sonnet" clarifies the characteristic picture. Maybe the most well known contemporary use of this sentence is the title of the sonnet "Dulce et Decorum est" by British writer Wilfred Owen during the First World War. Owen's verse depicts the gas assault during the First World War and is one of his numerous enemy of war sonnets that were not declared until the finish of the war. In the last barely any lines of this sonnet, Horatian phrases are communicated as "old falsehoods". Individuals accept and utilize the first of that sonnet to clarify that Owen is attempting to disparage the sonnet by Jessie Pope (who adulated the war and enlisted in a straightforward enthusiastic verse). "Little accomplice" who is excited about charging and shooting. Like "telephone" The principal sonnet mirrors the picture of war that the vast majority know well. This sonnet "Flanders Battlefield" is likely the most renowned and famous war sonnet. It was first distributed in British 'punch' magazine in December 1915. Surprisingly fast, this sonnet represents the penance of all the battle in World War I. "Flanders Battlefield" was made by a specialist and educator of Canada, John McCrea who worked in the South African War and the First World War. He was moved to the clinical group and relegated to a French emergency clinic. He was dynamic in 1918 and kicked the bucket of pneumonia. His sonnet assortment "Flanders Field" and other verse assortments were distributed in 1919. This sonnet is still piece of a commemoration in Canada and different nations.

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