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International Trade

Develop a better understanding of the nature, characteristics, and patterns of international trade and the trade policies and practices to ease or remove trade barriers, in the context of an economic trade zone. You are required to select an economic trade zone (e.g. European Union, NAFTA) and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge regarding the international trade policies and procedures. While reading and attempting to review this piece of research work, you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the trade and logistics practices in a trade zone from an international trade perspective. In particular, you are required to demonstrate knowledge regarding the following topics, Brief ​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​trade history of the trade zone Trade statistics – import and export composition Trade policies – tariff,/ subsidies/ quotas/ off-shoring or FDI Critical review of current trade policies – barriers and challenges of the implementation Recommendations Final conclusion

Sample Solution

Paradise is a world that man left behind. Departing from it meant an end to comfort and an introduction to suffering. In a biblical sense, this anecdote deals with a wayward mankind slinking away from a vengeful God. But in a modern sense, the tale can also be reflected in the plight of blacks during the era of slavery. Toni Morrison's Beloved parallels the Genesis story in that the story of the Sweet Home slaves mirrors mankind's life, temptation, and subsequent fall from paradise. Relative to other farms, Sweet Home is an Eden, where Mr. Garner reigns over like a god. Under Garner, slaves are seen as workers with rights. The slaves "were believed and trusted, but most of all they were listened to" (147), something unheard of on a Southern farm. While most masters abuse their slaves, Garner treats his workers humanely. Under his rule, the slaves feel as if they are more than just mere property; they believe they are human beings. In the sea of bigotry that is the South, Sweet Home lives up to its name as an oasis of relative safety for the blacks. Mr. Garner's relationship with the slaves mirrors God's relationship with his creations in Genesis. Instead of lording over his new creations, God trusts them outright and allows them to care for the garden of paradise, similar to how Garner allows the slaves to work his farm. Also, since neither master shows distrust or fear towards their people, loyalty is returned in kind. Finally, nothing exists in paradise to drive master and servant apart. It is the presence of evil that shatters the illusion of paradise in both Eden and Sweet Home. Schoolteacher arrives after the death of Garner, determined to correct the "freedom imposed on people who needed every care and guidance in the world to keep them from the cannibal life they preferred" (177). He replaces Garner's benevolent ways with his disciplinarian attitudes and the slaves find they are treated as property instead of men. Schoolteacher wishes to extract the ideas of freedom that Garner planted in them

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